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Professional display for Configurable Product for Magento

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    Default Professional display for Configurable Product for Magento

    Configurable Product Table Ordering Extension allows displaying attributes of configurable products in a much more professional and simple table to help customers add multiple simple products to cart at once.

    By showing the first attribute of a configurable product in a line, and a grid table of other attributes, customers can add multi products to cart at once. It not only supports color swatch function, unit price, tier price, but displays advanced tier prices in a separated table for children products. Beside automatically calculating total amount, it supports to display configurable product inventory such as stock number, out of stock status, and subtotal for children products in the table based on selected quantity.

    One outstanding feature of Configurable Product Table Ordering Extension is advanced tier price calculation. To be more specific, tier price will be calculated by whether tier prices of total quantity of all children products or per children product by the way you choose Yes or No


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    For more information, there is another extension that also helps to have a better display for configurable products.

    Configurable Product Matrix View extension by BssCommerce

    This extension allows 2 attributes of a configurable product, such as fabric and size, or color and size, to display with unlimited custom options. It also supports displaying the stock number and out of stock. So your customer can add multi products to cart at once and enhance shopping experience by quicker ordering process.

    Try DEMO here

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