As store owners may concern, there are many products in some sort of categories you cannot sell at a certain quantity due to the difficulties in delivery process as well as high costs in package and shipping. Therefore, Min/Max Order Quantity per Category for Magento 2 is developed as a solution to assist store owners overcome these obstacles in operating process by setting up maximum and minimum order quantity of all products belonging to a category for each customer group.
Key Features
- Set up both minimum and maximum order quantity for products in a category that each customer group has to meet before successfully checking out
- Show product category in the shopping cart. If a product belongs to multiple categories, all of them will be displayed in shopping cart regardless of where the product was added to cart.
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- Show a notification and hide “Proceed to Checkout” button when order quantity requirements are not met
- Apply min/max quantity rules of all categories for product belongs to multiple categories

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This extension is also available on Magento 1: Limit Order Quantity Per Category

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