Magento Unboxed extension is a very useful module to help increase customer interaction by allowing them freely to upload their images of using products bought from stores on Magento site. It means when customers buy products from your site, they take photographs of using these products and upload on your site. Therefore, you can attract customer interation and also spread your real usage of products for a lot of potential customers which can build more trusts for your products

  • When installing Magento Unboxed extension, there is a shortcut displayed in the Menu and link to a particular page for customers to upload image and also showing product images of customers. Customers can create and upload product images they purchased and used on the site of store .

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  • Images uploaded are shown in the Main page ad Gallery page

    + In the main page, images are shown in the list with Ajax loading images

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    + In the gallery page, images are shown under a slider. Products are tagged along with customers images including product name, icn, price and short description and even Buy More button for quickly adding to cart.

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  • Other customers can give likes, comments on images uploaded and also share product images via a social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and also email to friends
  • Customers can easily search images by post code and city or by product. When searching by product, product names can be auto suggested
  • Know who upload images: names, location and also can get in touch with them by sending messages to them or follow them
  • Manage account integrated with Magento site account
    + Edit profile
    + Manage photo album: upload photo
    + Manage followers, following, likes and comments

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