While managing orders in backend, I bet sometimes you would wish to remove unnecessary orders which has been canceled or closed or made just for testing purpose. Unfortunately, default Magento only allows cancelling orders instead of totally deleting them. Understand the obstacle of admin while dealing with ton of orders that not all of them are valid or necessary, BSSCommerce now brings you an almighty key to resolve all problems with unwanted orders, as well as linked invoices, shipments and credit memos. With our Delete Order for Magento 2 extension, your backend will be neater and easier to control over than ever!
Delete Order for Magento 1
Delete Order for Magento 2

Key features
• Delete useless orders as well as all linked data
With Magento 2 Delete Order extension, you can effortlessly get rid of redundant orders within few clicks. Once order is deleted, its linked data (invoice, shipment, credit memo) will also be immediately removed from the backend.
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• Delete junk invoices easily
After Invoices are deleted, order status turns back to Pending (if shipments have not been created) or Processing (if shipments have already created). Credit memos are also removed. Invoices can be also recreated
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• Erase unneeded shipments at ease
When these useless shipments are removed, orders status are updated to Pending (if invoices have not been created) or Processing (if invoices have already been created). Admin can totally recreate shipments.
• Remove redundant Credit memos effortlessly
Order Status are altered by Complete (if invoices and shipments have already been generated) or Processing (if only invoices have been created). Credit memos are easily recreated.

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Delete order for Magento 1 also available here

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