On Venustheme, our customers also are impressed with all our layouts and background color. Let's view detail each our Magento 2 themes for Food store to demonstrate that I said is truth.

Firstly, view at our general features:

- Fresh theme and amazing layouts and background color
- Best for super market, superstore to display all different kinds of Products
- Inludes a lot of advanced Modules/: Specially: Ves Page builder for build and edit theme Page
- Good chance taking part in Magento Theme Club with only $84 to accessing 30+ themes on Venustheme

View detail Magento 2 Food themes on Venustheme:
1. Ves Fresh
Name:  preview-590x300.jpg
Views: 5
Size:  71.5 KB
2. Ves Global
Name:  02_Preview.jpg
Views: 5
Size:  106.6 KB
3. Ves Freshmarket
Name:  01_fitshop.jpg
Views: 5
Size:  82.3 KB
4. Ves Bigmart
Name:  Bigmart.jpg
Views: 5
Size:  60.0 KB
5. Ves Flashshop
Name:  Flash.jpg
Views: 5
Size:  50.6 KB

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