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Best selling Magento 2 Extension on Magento marketplace !

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    Default Best selling Magento 2 Extension on Magento marketplace !

    Advanced Content Manager

    As you know, is the best provider for highquality extensions and themes that expand the reach of your store's core functionality. And Advanced Content Manager is one of Best selling Magento 2 Extension on Magento marketplace. This extension allows Magento 2 developers to make new content types such as Portfolio, Testimonial, News, Gallery, Blog and easy. Just with the available data fields, the extension will automatically generate a new page without having to setup a certain CMS page . Moreover, Magento 2 extension help administrator to create multiple custom forms to display at front-end !

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    Big advantages for develops !
    • Create different content types when you are in need of adding other pages like Portfolio, Testimonial, News, Gallery…
    • Associate new fields to this content at any time, of any type: Text field, Textarea, File Upload, Image Upload, Dropdown, Radio, Checkbox, Multiselect, Date, Store View, Products.
    • Customize URLs of the content page and item details pages will proficiently resolve the URL friendly and grow SEO a step forward.
    • Choose available layouts and use Layout Update XML for the content pages and item details page.
    • Add/edit Meta Keywords, Meta Description, enable Breadcrumbs of content pages and item details page.
    • Feasibility to customize HTML of content page.

    Other Highlight Features

    Different forms can be created to display at front-end.
    Each form is compliant with different input types.
    Particularly, if admin is creating a form containing Image field or File field then user/ customer is able to attach image/ file to the message once sent
    Allow users/ customers to send message to admin in terms of product information request.
    When admin creates a form with input type “Products”, then at front-end users/ customers can take advantage of product suggestion field to include the URL and product name into the email.
    Option to Enable/ Disable CAPTCHA code for each form to prevent automatic messages or spams.
    Versatile form configurations
    Admin can select proper settings for the form action such as Send Email, Save Info, Send Email & Save Info, setup receiver email, setup notification upon customer submission.
    Ability to send email using email templates
    Each form will be accompanied by a corresponding email template. When customer sends an email to the admin, the dynamic information of the form will be accumulated in the email template. Moreover, admin is able to modify the email template to obtain its aesthetics yet effectiveness.

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    Some of the most Magnto 2 Extensions are:

    Magento 2 Australia Post Shipping Extension - Australia Post Shipping extension for Magento 2[/URL] allows you to ship parcels and letters in your home country and abroad by fetching live rates from Australia Post. The shipping method can be configured as per your need.Highlighted FeaturesThe shipping rates update concurrently with the Australia post rates.It presents rates based on the computation of international and domestic parcels to be shipped from and within Australia respectively.You can ship both parcels and letters through this shipping method.You can set default length, width and height to be incorporated for all your parcels/letters.Select shipping services to be allowed for domestic/international parcels and letters. Only the enabled services will show up at the front end.

    Name:  australia-post-470x250-magento2.jpg
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    Magento 2 Easy Site Maintenance - Sometimes you may want to put your magento store on maintenance mode due to some technical or server related issues, or you may want to update or change some feature or theme of your website. This is when Easy Site Maintenance extension can be used to inform your clients about the ongoing maintenance.

    Name:  easy_site_maintenance-470-250.jpg
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Size:  66.4 KB

    With this extension, you can put your store under maintenance mode with many configuration options. Given below is a list of all the important features. Create and display a custom “Maintenance Mode” page easily with our Easy Site Maintenance Extension.Highlighted FeaturesPut your website under maintenance mode for technical or enhancement reasons without any difficulties.You can easily create and display a custom “maintenance mode” page, as Easy Site Maintenance gives option to set the page in HTML.Admin can white list specific IPs, which are allowed to access the website even when the site is under maintenance.Admin can also allow specific URLs of the website to be accessed by the visitors during maintenance.Admin can add countdown timer to show when the site will be live again.The visitors can contact you for an urgent requirement through the “Contact Us” form on the maintenance page.Visitors can fill up the “notify” form to get notified when the site goes live.Keeps track of the visitors during maintenance mode.

    Magento 2 Track Order - Allow your Customers know the current status of their orders and provide them shipment tracking link with order number and email address. Customer just have to add order number and registered email address, after adding these the system will display all the details of the order with latest whereabouts of product. It will also have the link to the website of the shipping company which has shipped the order. It will allow customers to track the status of the order by directly going to the shipping partner's site.

    Name:  track_order-470x250.jpg
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    Allow your Customers know the current status of their orders and provide them shipment tracking link with order number and email address. Highlighted FeaturesNo need to sign into the customer account just to know the current status of placed order.Your customers can view the current order status and access the shipment tracking link by only specifying the order number and email address.Set the “Track Order” feature as a “Top Link”, “Top Menu” or “Widget”.The widget can be placed in any part of the web page.The “Track Order” page link can also be provided to the customer via shipment email.

    Magento 2 StarTrack Shipping - Give your online store customers another shipping option by installing Magento 2 StarTrack Shipping Extension. This extension will automatically fetch shipping services and corresponding charges from StarTrack as per the products' dimensions and attract more Australian customers to buy products from your store.

    Name:  star-track-470x250.jpg
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Size:  82.7 KB

    If you are in search of an extension which fetches real time rates for StarTrack shipping services available in Australia for your Magento online store then opt for StarTrack Shipping Extension developed by Biztech specifically for Australian Store Owners.

    Set up this fully functional extension on your store and show the precise rates of StarTrack shipping service for various destinations within Australia.

    Magento 2 Language Translator Extension - Flourish your customer base with our Language Translator extension. Get store content into multiple languages.

    Name:  language-tranlator-470x250-magento2.jpg
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Size:  92.3 KB

    Reach a wider spectrum of target audience by translating your entire e-store to several other languages. Now translate your product attributes, CMS pages, blocks, product reviews and categories details from one language to another easily with Language Translator Extension.Highlighted FeaturesAllows admin to translate CMS page and Meta details from one language to anotherTranslates the attributes of different categories like Meta description, Meta keywords of any store from one language to anotherReviews of different products can also be translated from one language to another easilyBrings customers closer to estore, being in their regional languageDevelops a sense of attachment and loyalty amongst the customers

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