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Magento Canonical Meta Tag is very important. It improves your site ranking and lets customers to pay attention to your site.
So this tutorial, I will show you “How to enable Magento 2 canonical meta tag

Log in Admin panel

Store —> Configuration

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Catalog —> Catalog —> Search Engine Optimization

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In Search Engine Optimization:

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You can decide to enable Magento 2 Canonical Meta tag for your category or products.

- For only category: Choose Canonical Link Meta Tag for Categories field, select Yes. Like this:

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- For only product:Use Canonical Link Meta Tag for Products field, select No

- For both category and product: Choose both ” Yes”

After all, “Save config”.

You ‘ve already set up your site for support to Search Engine index your site . Besides, please view more at our tutorial post on Venustheme.
If you have any question about our post, please feel free to leave your comment here. We are pleased to get your comment and try our best to give you the best tutorials.

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