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Would you like to share automatically your products to your friends without spamming? In Magento 2, you are able to send directly
them to your friend through email link. It sounds a cost-effective way. Because you don’t have to pay any amount of money on Advertizing.
Moreover, you can deliver your product to your clients who share your product to their friend. Your product becomes more prevalent in the online market.
To refer Magento 2 email setup to a friend, you have to follow these steps:

Step 1:
Admin panel—> Settings —> Configuration

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—> Catalog —> Email to a Friend

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—> Email templates

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In Email templates:

You can enable like this:
– Select email templates: Send product to a theme (default template)
– Allow for guest: No spend for only registered customers can share to their product.
– Max recipients: The number of recipients of sending email
– Max product send an hour.
- Limit sending by:
+ (Recommend) IP Address: Identifies the sender by the IP address of the computer that is used to send the emails.
+ Cookie (unsafe): Identifies the sender by browser cookie. This method is unsafe due to users can remove the cookie to bypass

—> Save config
Your email template in “Magento 2 email setup” already saved. Let ‘s traffic to step 2

Step 2:

—> Send email to a friend

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Sign up or in your customer account:
Fill all the box ” Message” and “Recipient name and email address”. For more than 1 people please click “Add invitee” and complete the information for each person.

After all, click the “Send Email button”
You already finished to set up email to a friend on Magento 2. If you have any concerns in Magento 2, please view more at Related Magento 2 tutorials Posts:

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