Magento 2 brings more advantages in comparison to the previous version, but there is still room for improvements and you have a great opportunity to get a far more advanced Magento 2 admin with the support of extensions only. Let’s check the most reliable modules !

Magento 2 Advanced Reports

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This is the first must have extension in our list. If you want to get an advanced Magento 2 admin then install this module, because it provides a time-saving solution to arrange your data in a clear way and consequently run a quick evaluation of your business. Advanced Reports bring you with get 8 reports (more reports should be available soon) and offers the stunning visual graphs to illustrate trends within each report. Let’s check the content of the standard pack at the detail page !

Advanced Content Manager Magento 2

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Looking for an advanced tool to compose a variety of contents for Portfolio, Testimonial, News, Gallery, Look-book page fastest ? You need to creat multiple custom forms to display at front-end, instead of using default ones. Content Builder Magento 2 Extension is exactly what you need to save hours of time for building you online store !

Helps developers create a variety of contents with multiple content layouts in few minutes thanks to a nice and intuitive interface.
Allow you to create multiple custom forms to display at front-end with different input types.
Allow admin to set up every email address to receive contact details which the default contact form in Magento 2 cannot fix your need

Blog for Magento 2

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Blog Magento 2 Extension will simplify every things for you and give you a professional blog page without the need for an extra framework.
With blog magento 2 extension you can write an interesting posts and divided into all separate categories.
Blog Posts and Categories !
With blog magento 2 extension you can write an interesting posts and divided into all separate categories.
Multi-store support !
This extension supports multiple stores and languages so you can post content aimed at absolutely different target audience.
Posts Search !
With the aid of Magento 2 blog widget, your customers not only get a new source of stunning content, but also will be able to find out posts they are looking for with ease.
Related Posts & Related Products !
It allow you to create re links to your products and another posts. As a result, you can increase more views and sales !
Blog Widgets !
This Magento 2 extension support you with widget on sidebar or widget on home page
Permalinks !
Besides, It supports sitemap XML, Disqus integration, meta data and SEO friendly permalinks to it work best for seo

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