A Magento module allows customers to customize personalized products design online.
Such as custom greeting/business card, custom clothing & apparel, custom phone case ,
custom wallpaper, restaurant menu, custom frame printed, custom pillows, custom drink ware.

Apply for any customized products; Full supported Magento; Output vector (SVG) & Ready-to-Print (PDF); Use HTML5 Canvas without Flash;
Free bug & update; Free Installation; Multi backend options; Modern skin with Bootstrap; Fancy Product Designer ...
Manage Fonts library
Manage Colors Pattern library
Manage Quotes library
Manage Artwork library
Manage Artwork Category
Able to add price for each artworks
Able to update multi-color options for each artwork
Able to turn On/Off any function
Configs PDC Plugins
Create pattern product design for exist/new products
Easy to copy pattern designed by duplicate the product
Setup price for text elements
Get order details with output files (SVG, PNG, PDF,General output text)
Able to custom product design
Able to save the customized design
Able to share customized design
Transform the design element(add text, add artwork, upload photos..)
Able to edit customized design
Filter photo effect with Photo Effect Plugin
Crop uploaded photo
Get photo from social network(Facebook, Instagram)
Flexible with many device(smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop)
User Friendly
All useful features of Magento shop
Module source code is open for any customization
Module structure is easy to understand, all blocks are reference through XML
Javascript library are developed base on FabricJs and jQuery
Clean custom javascript
Clean CSS/HTML with bootstrap
Forum support for any questions
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