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Magento Call For Price Extension by MageHit

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    Default Magento Call For Price Extension by MageHit

    Magento Call for Price/Hide Price extension by MageHit is an effective extension which offers numerous advantages to customers. It allows you to hide price of products and replace Add to cart button by Call for price Button. It is edited by Html, automatically sets up when the price on a product is set as “0”. Besides, it is easy to setup and configure. When using this extension, there is no doubt that customers can receive many benefits. Therefore, choosing Call for Price Extension by MageHit is an intelligent decision.

    Some of the awesome features of Call For Price (Hide Price) extension

    1. Remove Price and replace “Call For Price” instead of “Add to Cart” button
    Replaces Price and Add to Cart Buttons on Category, Search, WishList, Compare and Product Pages with custom text flexible which you can set it to be displayed in configuration Magento admin.

    2. “Call For Price” Button opens with nice AJAX form responsive
    A responsive AJAX pretty pop up form for customers to submit their requirements and contact details.

    3. Email notification for admin, will be saved and displayed in Magento admin
    Email notification for admin about the details submitted by visitors along with contact and product details. And administrator can follow and reply request of visitors in Magento admin

    4. Call For Price can be applied to specific Products, specific Categories and customer groups
    This feature can be enabled in the product management detail (in Price tab) and in the category management detail (in General tab) by the Magento administrator.

    For more in formation:
    Get more extension for Magento: and

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    Magento Call for Price extension by FME enables to hide the product price & disable Add to Cart and replace it with a custom inquiry form. Using the form customers can enter their required information. You can create multiple rules and make the custom fields mandatory or non-mandatory.

    Key Features

    • Hide price & replace ‘add to cart’ with ‘call for price’
    • Display popup form for price inquiry
    • Hide prices for specific products
    • Restrict by customer groups
    • Manage & reply price inquiries

    More Info:

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    Magento Call for Price Extension simply replaces prices and “Add to Cart” button with the "Call for Price" message to encourage customers to contact with shop owner for more detail price.
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    Here is one more extension that's worth mentioning - Call for Price module by Amasty.
    It will enable you to:

    Replace product prices with custom messages
    Select customers to hide product prices from
    Select pages where prices won’t be displayed
    Hide product prices for particular products
    Encourage customers to call for pricing

    By the way, a Hide Price module for Magento can be found here -

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    Magento 2 Hide Price/Call For Price allows admin to flexibly hide price, hide “Add to Cart” button and show custom message or inquiry form in popup to obtain customer request.

    1. Hide price for products, categories and specific customer groups
    Name:  advanced_hide_price_hide_price_2.png
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    2. Hide price and replace Add to Cart button with custom message/Call For Price button
    Name:  advanced_hide_price_submit_price_inquiry.png
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    3. Show Inquiry form in popup for customer to submit price request
    Name:  advanced_hide_price_inquiry_form_1.png
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    4. Automatically send email to notify admin of customer request
    Name:  advanced_hide_price_email_notify_admin.png
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    5. View customer request details and send emails
    Name:  advanced_hide_price_email_reply_price_request.png
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    Only $79.00 to buy this module and enjoy additional benefits of FREE installation and FREE support!

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    Hello. I asked for recommendation for an extension to hide price and I was recommended this one. The features are amazing to set hiding price of any products for customer groups. It works smooth and no bug found.

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    The Product & Price Visibility Rules Magento extension helps to hide products, product prices, or entire categories for certain customer groups.

    - Apply visibility rules to selected customer groups only
    - Apply product and price visibility rules to all standard products' areas
    - Ability to make products or prices invisible for a certain period of time
    - Apply price visibility rules to all products within a store view (NEW!)

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