In the market, making customers stay with you instead of shopping at competitors’ stores is not easy. Especially, retaining loyal customers and keeping the stable revenue for company is very important in surviving in the competitive market. For purpose of increasing customer loyalty and lifetime customer value, Magento Reward Points Extension by MageHit is a smart and advanced application in saving costs of advertising and creating interest experiences for customer returns and increase in sale rates.

Some of the awesome features of Magento Reward Points Extension

Provide multiple different ways for customers to get points

Customers can earn points for orders and with some certain actions (e.g. reviews, likes and share facebook, sign up for newsletter, invite friend, friend purchase etc)

Increase the loyal customer rate

About 99% of customers return to purchase with discount by points

Attract new customers

Attract much more new customers and stimulate them to subscribe to your site by giving points

Give points for customers and encourage them to make purchases at the same time

Customers can use the points to buy and then they will be got points if purchasing successfully that order.

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