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Magento one step checkout extension by MageHit

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    Default Magento one step checkout extension by MageHit

    Checking out is often the most complicated part of booking an order online, and many end-up users stop their order due to the complexity of checking out. Some customers have good motivation to purchase regardless of how difficult it is but others will be not patient to wait checking out process. To solve this problem as well as help customers purchase easily, Magehit Company produces Magento One Step Checkout Extension, which will simplify greatly this process and increase an immediate sale volumes.

    Some of the awesome features of One Step Checkout extension

    1. One Step Only
    Reduce the standard 6 Step Checkout Process to just 1 Page

    2. Responsive Design
    Work effectively on all devices (smart phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, etc) and support flat design

    3. Easy to use
    Integrate easily and be fully compatible with your Magento store as well as work with most of popular third party extensions

    4. Multiple payment methods
    Support all types of default Magento payment methods and Sagepay,

    View more information at:
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    Check this Magento One Step Checkout extension by FME, which simplifies the Magento default 6 steps checkout process. FME one page checkout extension displays all the 6 steps on a single page.

    Key Features:

    - Register Customer on Checkout
    - Customize Checkout Page Theme
    - Ask Sources From Customers
    - Enable Customer Comments Area
    - Payment Gateways
    - Ajax Loading

    More Info:

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    Every ecommerce site has the prior and necessary need to simplify the checkout process.The Magento One Step Checkout Extension greatly simplifies the checkout process by allowing customers to simply fill all the order details in one single form without having to refresh the web page. A complicated check out process generally results in high abandoned cart rates. one step checkout extension has the functionality to convert the standard six steps of the Magento Checkout and reduced it to just one step. [To know more]..

    The powerful features of Magento One Step Checkout Extension includes:

    - The process of checkout has just one step as opposed to the standard six steps in Magento.
    - Enable and disable shopping cart for speeding up the checkout process.
    - Features for auto update of prices, taxes and totals when selecting a shipping or payment methods.
    - The CSS or the layout can be modified easily with the help of the regular Magento templates as well as CSS file.
    - AJAX is used for enabling a pop up for login and enable popup.
    - Provides customers to add multiple products and complete the purchasing process in just one transaction.

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    One Page Checkout is an essential function in an e-commerce website. Your customers is from many countries and use many native languages. So, convenient and simple checkout will help your customers purchase products quickly without any barriers of language and degree. From which we create Magento one step checkout extension. With this checkout extension, cumbersome checkout steps are just limited in one page.

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    With our experiences, we understand that the process of buying a product and checkout right on the website is an innovation of regular trading market and how to help customers making orders with the easiest way. So, we have now made the procedure a lot more convenient for all online shoppers by releasing a rich-featured extension named Magento one Step checkout Extension. It is highly recommended for the shopping site owners or dealers to have this checkout extension installed in order to simplify the default checkout steps and attract more customers to come and use again.

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    Responsive Magento One Step Checkout Extension

    Reduce the required steps in the default checkout process from 6 steps into 1 step and increase completed checkout rates by a simple process for your customers!

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    If you want to make the checkout process for your customers hassle free and thinking about implementing one step checkout process, then the Onestep Checkout extension is the perfect solution. This extension combines all the traditional 6 steps of checkout process into a single page for the ease of your customers. Now the customers can enter all the information required for the checkout at a time rather than entering then one by one on a single page, thus annoying them.

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    The Onestep Checkout extension brings the following steps of checkout together on a single page:

    Billing Address

    This allows the users to enter their billing address. If they want to keep the billing and shipping address same then they just need to select the “Ship to the Same Address” from the check box or else select “Ship to Different Address”.

    Shipping Method

    This allows the customers to select the shipping method for their products.

    Payment Method

    It gives the users the option to either make the payment through cheque or credit cards.

    Review your order

    From this section, consumers can review the items purchased by them, increase the quantity of any product they added to their cart and can even delete any item if they do not want to buy. Total amount they need to pay is also displayed in this section as grand total.

    Discount Codes

    This allows the customers to avail any discounts via coupons if they have any.

    Let’s have a glance on the Features of Onestep Checkout Extension:

    Supports registration process.
    All the steps of checkout are brought on a single page.
    Exclude or include fields such as city, telephone, company, region, zip code etc
    Provision to enter the discount coupon code in the checkout page.
    Set default values for country, shipping method, payment method etc
    Provide newsletter subscription option at the time of checkout.
    Facility to change the quantity of product or to remove a product at the time of checkout.
    Enable or disable terms and condition check box.
    Allows to set the title for terms and condition page, terms and condition content, Page title, checkout title and checkout description.
    Provision to specify delivery date at the time of check out.
    Auto country and city field fill up based on GEO IP Address of customers.

    The Extension simplifies the checkout process which makes many customers complete the check out process and hence purchase, which results in increase in sales. This extension also supports Ajax which is used for adding the number of products purchased and total amount to be paid dynamically.

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    Hi! Thanks for sharing!

    here is one more extension to add - One Step Checkout by Amasty

    With this module you get:

    Lightning-fast one page checkout process
    Better sales conversion and fewer abandoned carts
    Combine shopping cart and checkout into one page
    Manage layout and display of fields in checkout sections
    Compatible with Order & Customer Attributes

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