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7 Tips for Increasing Ecommerce Conversion Rates

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    Default 7 Tips for Increasing Ecommerce Conversion Rates

    Ecommerce growth has stepped up to the next level with the improvement in technology and increased usage of mobile devices. Modern-day consumers can now shop across various devices and stores. They have a number of options to choose from which makes attracting potential customers even more difficult for the retailers.

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    So in order to get better eCommerce conversion rate, retailers are making their store attractive and interactive, improving user experience and simplifying checkout process. Here’s a roundup of seven eCommerce boosters for your store that will help you increase eCommerce conversion rates.

    High Quality Images

    Product image is one of the important elements that can immediately drive a customer towards an online store. They want to identify what they’re receiving. So, placing high-quality product images in your store should be your key focus. Also, display your product from all the angels and make the images zoomable. High quality, detailed images enhance user experience driving better conversions.

    Product Videos

    Even though images are important but they have their own limitations. But custom explainer videos can visually demonstrate your products better. Adding high-quality and descriptive videos for your products can highly improve your conversion rate. More than conversions videos also add to your brand image and give out the message that you have invested a lot in making your store world class.

    Improved Site Search

    Advanced Search functionality is very important in eCommerce. Customers want to search the desired products and that too very quickly. To make your customers to find relevant products faster, use auto-suggest search. It displays product options as customer types. You can also put an automated drop-down menu of textual results that appears when customers type keywords into their site search window.

    Quick Check-out

    A multi-page checkout is not just exhausting but it is also time-consuming for your customers to fill out too much of information. Substitute it with one-step checkout to speed up the order processing. Try to make use of the progress indicators to let customers know where they are and how much time will it take to fulfill their transaction. People like to be in control of whatever they do. You can also give your customer the option to schedule delivery dates as per their availability to make the checkout process more attractive.

    Multiple Payment Gateways

    Providing various payment methods means you can cater large number of audience. You can add some payment options like PayPal, credit or debit card, e-wallet, etc. This will help you win over some more customers you will otherwise lose to your competitors. This will help you find more new customers which in turn may increase your conversion rates.

    Free Shipping

    Free shipping certainly determines consumer purchase decisions. According to Comscore’s study “58% consumers have added items to their shopping carts to qualify for free shipping.” Free shipping is in fact one of the chief reasons why consumers prefer online shopping above brick-and-mortar stores. Having concealed charges or high shipping fees can scare your customers and negatively impact your conversion rate.

    Provide trust signals to your customers

    Showing trust seals on your site is really important. Many customers are hesitant to shop products online due to online hacking & credit card scams. To develop the trust among the customers, make use of certification brands such as McAfee Secure, Verisign and others. You can also exhibit awards if you have won. On your website put your mobile number, a live chat option, and other contact details visibly. This gives the assurance to your customers that they can reach you anytime in case of a problem.

    In conclusion, there are numerous ways to boost on-site conversion rate. The key focus should be centered on developing a simple and brief checkout experience for consumers that is free of mess and distractions. Online retailers can surely improve their bottom line and acquire new customers by applying these tips and reviewing site analytics.

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    Thank you for sharing very useful knowledge!
    To increase conversion rate effectively, we need to consider about enhancing customer experience when they check out because a complicated checkout process will cause customers to leave their cart immediately which leads to higher abandoned cart rates. Therefore, we need to improve the checkout page by using Magento 2 One Step Checkout for our websites:

    By using Magento 2 One Step Checkout, you can support the following featured functions:

    + Display all elements for checking out in only 1 page so that customers can complete it easier without experiencing many steps
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    + Auto detect customer places and autocomplete customer addresses by Google Suggest when they just type some letters
    + Auto update information when related things change
    + Add delivery dates and time for customers to select and also allow them to leave delivery comments for their orders
    + Support multiple payment methods
    + Support more options for the checkout page: discount code, gift message and newsletter subscription

    => Check it out for FREE Installation , FREE Support and Update!

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    Hello there,

    I strongly recommend to you that you can try one of the best ecommerce conversions tips which is really helpful to you.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks for Sharing ! Having installed few of the below estensions in your website would give customers a great experience and thus increase in sales
    - Reward Points and Loyalty Program Extension helps you to reward your loyal customers and Boost your sales!!!
    - Product label, Highlight your product images to make them distinctive by tagging. Provide Offers! Get Noticed!
    - Geo Based banner Extension, Display Ad Banners Based On Customers’ Location To Grasp Their Attention and Increase Sales.
    - Magento Currency Auto Switcher & Geoip Location, allows you to identify and redirect the user to the respective URL or store with their
    native language. Identifying the user's location based on the IP address. For up-to-date ip address data and for accurate data
    - Mobile App
    - Payment Method


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    Very well written and step by step representation to make people understand that how to increase the conversion rate of e-commerce website.

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