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Customers can easily upload their own image on Magento site with Unboxed extension

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    Default Customers can easily upload their own image on Magento site with Unboxed extension

    People nowadays:
    • Have high self-esteem
    • Look at product reviews before making purchases
    • Tend to be impressed by visual content than text

    Following CompUSA and iPerceptions, there are 70% American customers look at product reviews before buying a new item.

    Moreover, nearly 63% customers say that they are likely to purchase from the site supported with product ratings and reviews.

    Likewise, visual aid is becoming an efficient method to induce more attention from customers, which is proven by Arthur Brisbane with a noted quote:
    “Use a picture. It’s worth a thousand words.”

    Magento Unboxed Extension is the combination of solutions for the three said issues.

    Magento Unboxed fulfills customers’ self-esteem. When buying newly beautiful items, customers tend to show them to others. The extension creates an OFFICIAL PLACE for customers to satisfy their NEED OF SHOWING OFF NEW PRODUCTS freely. Customers can UPLOAD images easily on Unboxed site, basically EDIT them and SHARE them with other social media.

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    Taking advantage of delighted customers’ DEMAND ON “PARADING”, the extension uses the community of delighted customers for appealing and building reliability on potential visitors, which means, new visitors may be not satisfied enough with product images of the company which may not offer the right status of the products. If your site allows visitors to review pictures of products uploaded by customers who bought them, your trademark will receive trust from visitors.

    BSS Unboxed encourages your customers to make more purchases after getting more trust on products of your company from the community. It also satisfies customers by users’ experience when SEARCHING, SORTING, knowing the product IMAGE ORIGINS as well as CONNECTING WITH OTHERS on unboxed site by LIKES, SHARES, COMMENTS.

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    You, the admin, have total control over customers’ images, accounts, etc. There is no reason for hesitating to add the effective module which can powerfully make products on your site more alluring and more reliable in customers’ eyes, which strongly STIMULATES SALES VOLUME.

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    Thanks for sharing! Here is another great module that will let your customers share their photos of your products - Customer Product Images

    Some of its features include:

    Let customers upload images to product pages
    Reward people uploading images with automatic coupons
    Customers will trust their 'colleagues' recommendations
    Approve only the appropriate images
    Use settings for proper image display

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