OpenCart is on the top 10 popular e-commerce platforms in first six months of 2016. OpenCart then allows them to populate their stores with merchandise that is inventoried and displayed effectively to maximize sales, with descriptions, images, and multiple customizable options. OpenCart website has about 60,000 active stores. Need of migrating data to OpenCart in first months of 2016 doubled compared with the same period of last year. It leads the increase of OpenCart migration tool that moved data from other cart to OpenCart. Yahoo Store to OpenCart migration is an example.

OpenCart migration extension is one of the popular solution of LitExtension about data transfer. This extension is developers to move existing data from Yahoo Store to OpenCart automatically. It takes a few minute that depends on your entities.

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Yahoo Store to OpenCart migration supports OpenCart versions: 1.5.3,, 1.5.4,, 1.5.5,, 1.5.6,,,,,,,,,,,,


• Preserve IDs: Preserve Order IDs, Customer IDs on the OpenCart

• Re-Migration: Unlimited re-migrations with NO extra cost

• Migrate Recent Data: You have just finished a full migration, after that Virtuemart is still live and continue getting new data, and you want to get your OpenCart updated with the new data, this feature to avoid starting over again.

• Clear Data Before Migration: Allow deleting current data (products, customers, orders, etc.) from the OpenCart before migration

• Data Security: Direct data switching from Yahoo Store to OpenCart, NO third party involved.

• Free Installation

Let's use

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