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Slideshow homepage is usually paid highest attention by visitors. So, it's one of the most important in your website. Responsive Slideshow Free allows you to easily making a beautiful slideshow for your website


is a important component for an emcommerce website. With image, animation and text you can present products, marketing, discounts,... It is not only the highlight of your website, also it’s a most place where customer focus on.

Magento Image Slider Extension is believed to be practically useful Magento Extensions for any websites based on Magento platform. It's designed and developed with responsive design to meet all screen size and all devices. It's also designed with many advanced features which facilitate administrator to manage Slideshow from back end panel. At front end, our Magento SlideShow can be viewed smoothly with various effects. You can check and see its features as follows:

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  • Admin can add new / manage existing slideshow. When admin add a new slideshow, Magento Banner Slide will allow admin to select 3 options for the slideshow including Image slideshow, Product slideshow and Static block slideshow
  • Image slideshow - Admin can add/ edit/ delete images of the slideshow. Admin also can add link for each image, text description for image
  • Product slideshow – Admin can easily select products for the slideshow
  • Static block slideshow – Admin can select static blocks in the list to show on the slideshow
  • Admin also can configure it for multiple stores
  • While adding new or editing a slideshow, admin can also
  • Select position option for text in the slideshow, 6 options are available: Content top, Content bottom, Content left top, Content left bottom, Content right top, content right bottom
  • Select Yes/No to enable/ disable the slideshow
  • Select Yes/No to show or hide texts on the image
  • Assign Width and Height for the slideshow
  • Select Transition for the slideshow, 4 options available: Index, Carousel, Thumbnail controlBar, Thumbnail sliders
  • Select Animation for the slideshow: 2 options available: Face or Slide
  • Select Direction for the slideshow: 2 options available: Horizontal or Vertical
  • Admin can select a lot of options for slideshow performance, such as: Auto play or not, Slideshow speed, Animation speed, …

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  • Responsive design support, It will be meet all screen sizes and all devices
  • Supports Touch interaction, when vistors go to your website in tablets, mobiles or PC support Touch interaction
  • Smooth transition and animation effects
  • Auto-play that can be stopped upon user interaction
  • Support multi-stores
  • Show exactly all the effect configured in the back end
  • Valid HTML5 and CSS 3 Markup
  • Support all browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Internet explorer, Safari, ……
  • Support all mobile devices and screen sizes
  • Auto-play that can be stopped upon user interactionSupport all browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Internet explorer, Safari
  • Support all mobile devices and screen sizes


  • 100% open source code
  • Delivered with full extension package
  • Full user-guide document and videos
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Easy to customize to compatible with your own website's style and other customization
  • Valid HTML5 and CSS 3 Markup

Magesolution‘s team is always beside you and support 24/7 when you need the helps !

What do you think of our new Responsive Slideshow Free? It's great, right? We’d love to hear your thoughts ! Please share with us in the comment section below and keep in touch with latest our Magento 2 extension and Magento 2 themes!

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