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Speed up Magento Sites Effectively with Full Page Cache Extension

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    Default Speed up Magento Sites Effectively with Full Page Cache Extension

    Magento Full Page Cache is a very useful extension to help your site run faster, reduce data load on the server and improve your SEO performance. Therefore, it will enhance customer experience as well as make your site more friendly with users when they do not have to wait so long for loading site.

    Check out some following awesome features of Magento Full Page Cache:

    • Reduce loading time and speed up Magento site
    • Support new multi-level cache to make pages load faster
    • Support multiple currencies or languages and multiple stores
    • Support mobile themes
    • Apply on any server
    • Easily access to cache custom pages
    • Good for SEO

    With Magento Full Page Cache, you do not worry that customers will leave your site due to slow loading or bad performance, which can lower abandonment and reduce bounce rate effectively.

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    Nice extension, its very important in speeding up Magento store.

    For full-fledged Magento speed optimization, I would suggest to perform some other speed optimization tasks as well like:

    • Optimize CSS
    • Optimize Images
    • Reduce redirects
    • Clean the database
    • Enable browser caching
    • Enable compression (gzip)
    • Lower the number of server requests
    • Upgrade to the latest Magento version

    For complete Magento speed optimization, check FME services -

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    Haven't you heard of another great extension - Magento Full Page Cache? It's high time!

    With this extension:

    Magento loads pages much-much faster
    Huge decrease of your server load
    Better search engine indexing and higher rankings
    Dynamic blocks / "hole punch" support
    Includes cache crawler!

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    One important tips to speed up Magento site is deferring JavaScript files loading after all HTML and CSS files loading so that a web page will render HTML and CSS in advance.

    As you know, a normal page loading starts with JavaScript and CSS before HTML and the content of page. Therefore, this is the reason why Magento sites load slowly and causes customers leave sites quickly. To solve this problem, we use a Magento extension called Defer Javascript extension which can speed up Magento sites effectively without making any complicated code changes

    - Automatically defer parsing of JavaScript till the last moment after all HTML and CSS loading

    - Reduce loading time and speed up Magento sites (both Magento 1 and Magento 2)

    Along with Magento 1 version, Defer JavaScript for Magento 2 also brings awesome benefits for sites when speeding up and reducing loading time effectively which improves customer experience

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    Defer JavaScript extension for Magento also helps to defer Iframes effectively and speed up websites quickly

    Let's checkout for better site performance!


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