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20+ New Best Magento 2 Extensions Free & Premium

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    Top 10 Magento Extensions for eCom store to boost sales

    Let me introduce to you guys my top 10 Magento Extensions for eCom store:

    >>> One Step Check Out - Magento One Step Checkout allows your Magento site to have all checkout steps in only one step. It's easiest way for customers to complete their orders on your site.

    >>> Magento Ajax Cart - Magento Ajax cart is a very useful extension for Magento store. With this extension, your customers can add as many products to cart as possible or remove items from cart without having to hit “Update” button and wait for pages to reload.

    >>> Mega Menu For Magento 2 - Mega Menu Magento 2 changes the way main menu displays. It allows you to have multiple options to show what you want on the main navigation.

    >>> Store Locator Magento 2 - Store Locator Magento 2 allows your clients to easily find and see full list of your stores even the nearest stores to your clients' location and the available products of those stores that clients want to buy. Your stores will be shown on Google Map.

    >>> Magento 2 Banners - Magento 2 Banners will help you easily manage the banner and show the banner at frontend to attract your customer's most attention. It will make your store catchy and more inviting.

    >>> Blog for Magento 2 - Magento 2.0 Blog extension is the best way to communicate with your customers and casual visitors. The Blog will give you interactive channel to keep your customer visit your website more often. You can provide official information and news of your store, upcoming products, promotions, and get customers’ feedback. Blog for Magento 2.0 by MGS brings blogging to your e-commerce store without the need for an extra framework.

    >>> Social Login Magento 2 - Social login in Magento 2 by MGS allows visitors to login your website via Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus accounts. Just forget about filling out registration or signup form and waiting to be verified (by email or phone) everytime users purchase items on an online shop. What happens if login details are lost one day? Fortunately MGS Social login extension leverages your login interface more user-friendly and helps your customers approach to your site quicker. Certainly, MGS social login ext brings in mutual benefits for both sellers and buyers. Try now!

    >>> Shop By Brand For Magento 2 - Magento Shop by Brand extension allows administrator to create a brand listing page and brand details pages that show/ filter all products of a brand. Moreover, the admin obtains another opportunity to decorate the home page by adding a brands slider using ready-to-use widget...

    >>> Advanced Content Manager Magento 2 extension - Advanced Content Manager by MGS assists administrator to create a variety of content types, eg. portfolio, testimonial, gallery, news, lookbook... and many other custom forms at light speed but effortlessly at the same time. This content builder is also a breakthrough in Magento 2 extension development owing to its uniqueness and multifunctional maneuver.

    >>> Advanced Reports Magento 2 - Magento 2 Advanced Reports bring 8 report options for you. With this Magento extension you can easily check current/ past reports of products, customers, orders... in the back-end of your Magento site. Its vivid and modern look combined with clean code surely help you generate perfect solutions for your reporting with visual charts and tables.

    Please feel free to check and find our more interested in Magento Themes, Magento Extensions and Support servive.

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    Hello all! And here are some good suggestions for Magento 2 from me:

    - Improved Layered Navigation - Allow your customers to search the store catalog in the most comfortable and efficient way using various filters.

    - Product Labels - Mark 'on sale', 'new' and other products with eye catching labels to immediately draw customers' attention to particular items. Use predefined variables for label texts and easily upload your own label images.

    - SMTP Email Settings - Send reliable emails from a popular local hosting or a custom Magento 2 SMTP server. Take full control over Magento 2 SMTP settings and run tests before sending out the mail. Make sure that customers and partners receive all emails you send.

    - Shipping Table Rates - Create an unlimited number of flexible shipping methods with individual rates. Use combinations of a destination address, cart weight, order subtotal and price to accurately calculate shipping.

    - Special Promotions - Enrich your cart price rules list with 22 more promo actions. Run a great variety of exclusive promotions to easily attract customers' attention and increase sales.

    - Mass Product Actions - Change prices in bulk using different parameters; work with attribute sets and categories; relate products and define Magento 2 cross-sell and up-sell parameters in a blink of an eye.

    - Shipping Restrictions - Restrict shipping methods using various product, cart and customer parameters. Make your shipping process both legal and cost-effective.

    - Extended Product Grid with Editor - Enrich standard product grid functionality with a bunch of new handy options. Add any specific column you need and easily modify product information right on the grid. Create grid templates with custom column sets to make product data processing as quick as possible.

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    HI all ! Check out FREE MAGENTO 2 EXTENSIONS to upgrade your magento 2 store !

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    Install Free Magento frontend builder - the awesome solution to build Magento 2 theme faster & easier

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    One Step Checkout for Magento 2 is also a idea extension for all Magento online stores

    + Checkout quickly in 1 page only
    + Auto detect customer places with Geo IP and autocomplete customer addresses by Google Suggest when they just type some letters
    + Auto update information when related ones change: update order review when shipping methods change, update shipping methods when shipping addresses change and update billing addresses when shipping addresses change
    + Allow customers to choose their dates and times to receive orders and also leave comments
    + Support multiple payment methods
    + Add more options to the checkout page such as discount code, gift message and newsletter subscription
    + Show delivery date and delivery comment information in the order details

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    Cool :v :v :v

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    Thank you for sharing!

    You can also check out these profitable extensions for Magento 2 that will definitely help to succeed and bear fruitful results:

    1. Product Q/A for Magento 2. The extension saves time by providing ability for customers to submit questions & answers directly on product pages.

    2. CMS Display Rules for Magento 2. The extension manages the visibility of CMS Pages and Static Blocks for different customer groups. Add special offers to wholesalers, or more ads to retailers.

    3. Reassign Order for Magento 2. The extension gives you an additional control over orders.

    4. Email templates Manager for Magento 2. The extension provides a unique approach and helps to edit system emails using WYSIWYG.

    5. Multiple Wishlists for Magento 2. The module creates multiple wishlists for different occasions.

    6. Grouped Product Options for Magento 2. The extension groups configurable and bundle products, shows or hides images of associated products.

    7. Product Tabs for Magento 2. The extension allows to create your own tabs, and edit existing ones globally or per product using WYSIWYG.

    8. Product Price Formula for Magento 2. The powerful extension calculates the product price based on your custom math formula and product options, creates multiple calculation rules, price matrix and more!

    9. Store Login Access for Magento 2. The extension hides the entire store behind the login form.

    10. Registration Fields Manager for Magento 2. The extension adds more custom fields on the registration form and extends the customer profile.

    11. Mass Product Actions for Magento 2 saves your time by applying actions to multiple products at once.

    12. AJAX Login and Registration for Magento 2. The extension helps customers to log in or register from any page on the website in a special DIV popup.

    13. Advanced Product Grid for Magento 2 allows to edit product attributes directly in the list of products. Edit product images and videos on the product grid without redirects.

    14. Pending Registration for Magento 2. The extension validates new customers manually. You can approve or decline customer's registration.

    15. Dynamic Product Options for Magento 2 creates advanced product options, allows to copy options and apply them to multiple products.

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