If configurable products are dispalyed in the drop-down list in Magento 1, they are shown with custom options in Magento 2 default and customers will choose each option to create a complete children product. However, this kind of display causes a problem of how to order a lot of children products with a large quantity at a time without selecting custom options many times. Therefore, a better display for configurable product is necessary tobe able to show all simple products to customers and help them purchase multiple products at once.

This is also a reason for us to develop Configurable Product Grid Table View Extension for Magento 2 with the following awesome features:

  • Display all children products of the configurable products in a simple table

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  • Display product availability (in stock status, out of stock status, stock number), quantity boxes, prices and automatically calculate subtotal
  • Add multiple products to cart at one time
  • Show price range for the configurable product
  • Customize to apply for specific customer group

It is really easier for customers to order with this type of display, so it can enhance shopping experience and also save much time for product management

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