The faster and efficient your site, the better it is for your customers. Suppose your store is not fast enough. That will annoy the customers and the next time they will think a hundred times before buying anything from your store. In order to avoid this situation and to make your eStore faster, one can use caches.

Caching in Magento 2 will help your store to perform better and much faster even when you add more content and data into it. The cache system of Magento allows you to store the recently accessed data so that the system performance will be faster and more efficient. If we use caches in our Magento store as Magento is a database-driven platform the speed can be increased.

In Magento 2 database tables, the cached objects are stored in Cache and cache_tag. The Full Page caching files are stored in var/ cache or var/page_cache. If you want to know how to setup database caching in Magento 2 and how to verify if the database cache is working or not in Magento 2, then this article is really helpful for you. We are going to discuss the following options of caching the database:

  • By modifying the xml (using default front end cache)

  • By modifying the env.php (using custom front end cache)

Both of them will help you setup the database caching and make your store much speedier. Nothing is stored var/cache or var/page_cache.

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