Store Locator Magento 2 allows you to show multiple amount of dealer and retail Store Locator locations. User can create unlimited number of locations by Store Locator.

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Create and manage any location on the map in your Store Locator with the store locator extension. Users can search for a location by searching by country, state, and zip code. They can further refine their results by specifying a radius. In the admin panel, you can select to display radius in either kilometers or miles. For each Store Locator location you create, you can modify the contact information and the website link. Store Locator allows you to show dealer and retail store locations. User can create number of Store Locator locations.

Store locator will show the list of stores to the customers in a Map display. This will helps the customer to find the nearest store to collect their products. Customer can easily pick the products using search option from the nearest store. Key features: Easy to install and configure. Admin can add multiple number of stores in the backend. Admin can limit the number of results on searching. Customers can sort using particular value and can associate that value to a store, for easy location of the places. Search stores with the radius distance.

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