Magento 2 Pending Registration is an useful magento 2 extension which allows you to extend the clients registration functionality. By using pending registration for Magento 2, you can restrict clients from logging in to your Magento store without prior approval. This is so helpful if you want to verify client's detail to give them access to your site. After reviewing the client details, you can approve, reject or delete one or more account at the same time, also until this account has been aprroved clients cannot login. Users can notify the customers via email as soon as they get approved or rejected. This extension doesn't affect the default registration default.

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1. Unapproved Customer Message

When a client create an account, he/she will receive a message from admin and until his/her account have been aprroved, he/cannot login.

2. Approve/Disapprove Account From Backend

After reviewing customer details, you can choose to reject , approve or delete an the account from backend.

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3. Approve/Disapprove Multiple Accounts In Once

Also admincan aprrove, reject or delete multiple clients in once in the customer management.

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4. Email Settings

Admin can notify the clients when they aprroved or rejected, also you can select sender and choose email template to send.

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5. Redirect Settings

Users should create unapproved customer message and choose page which you redirect customers to.

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6. Admin Notification

In this field, you can select to notify admin when clients create account, also choose email sender, email template and recipients.

Product details: Magento 2 Pending Registration | DEMO

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