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Magento Add Multiple Configurable Products to Cart

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    Default Magento Add Multiple Configurable Products to Cart

    Normally if you want to buy many children products of a configurable product, you often choose custom options in the drop-down list and add each children product to cart one by one. Therefore, this process takes a ot of shopping time for customers and cannot optimize display of configurable products in the product page.
    However, with Magento Pro Configurable Product Grid Table View, customers easily add multiple children products of the configurable product to cart at once because this module helps to display all children products just in a very simple table. Customers do not need to select custom options to make a complete simple product then add it to cart. In this table, attributes are shown in a row and a column to combine into a simple product, which is very convenient to purchase at one time.
    Let's checkout what Magento Pro Configurable Product Grid View can do for your configurable products:

    • Display all children products in a neat table with product availability (stock status or stock number), quantity box to choose, tier prices and subtotal

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    • Add multiple children products of the configurable products to cart at one time by a single click after customers choose their wanted quantity for each product
    • Display different prices and tier prices of each simple product instead price of the configurable product in the table view (Simple product pricing)
    • Support Color sswatch fucntion for each children product
    • Display the price range of configurable product on category page and product page as well

    With this extension, you absolutely enhance shopping experience for customers and also bring a better display for configurable products than that of Magento default.
    Check it out now for an improved configurable products!

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    Here is the demo of this software:

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    Thanks for useful sharing!
    I found an extension that also supports to add multiple products to cart and helps to have a better display for Configurable Products
    Check it out here:

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