WooCommerce offers an open source e-commerce plugin for WordPress. It was designed for small to large-sized online merchants using WordPress. This Plugin became famous thanks to its simplicity to customize, install, and free base product.
WooCommerce has gained significant popularity as the base product, in addition to all the plugins and extensions, is a free and open source. Also, there are numerous paid add-ons options at fixed prices.
Vend is retail POS software, inventory management, ecommerce and customer loyalty for iPad, mac and PC. Easily manage and grow your business in the cloud.
Comparison: WooCommerce v/s Vend POS system
Let’s take a look at the features of Vend and WooCommerce.
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WooCommerce Vend Integration
Considering you are now having a great Woocommerce store, and want to expand your business to sell via a POS system as an omni-channel, thats where you will need Vend.
Now the question is how can you do that? Fortunately, we have the answer. Woocommerce Vend Integration Plugin helps you connect and synchronise data between your Woocommerce webstore and your Vend POS.
How It Works
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This Wordpress Plugin connects your Woocommerce and Vend store, keep them in sync and helps you manage multiple sales channels easier
Synchronization of Data
1. Products: product name, description, price, status, images, inventory
2. Customers: customer name, email
3. Orders: order items, order status, order payment
For more details of installation and user guide, please visit: http://litextension.com/docs/woocomm...gration-guide/
In case you have any questions please let us know at http://litextension.com/contacts/

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