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Advanced Search for Magento

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    Default Advanced Search for Magento

    Search is an important feature on ecommerce website for helping customers find exactly what they need and increase conversion rate in your store. Magento offers some options to modify and control your search results page, but out-of-the-box search feature is pretty basic and under-performing. If you want to get the most of it for your UX you need to use a custom solution.

    Advanced Search Autocomplete is Magento search extension that visually enhances Magento default search form and upgrades functionality with AJAX based search and suggest content delivery feature. It helps users in search through your store by showing suggested terms and even displaying suggested products including product image, title, description and other attributes. Advanced Search Autocomplete allows customers to buy products directly from the search form, increasing conversion rate and increasing sales. It also offers a great number of customization options in backend: stylize the look of the search form by setting color and other visual elements, customization of suggested terms section, many options for suggested products section etc.

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    Visit the ExtensionsMall website for more information about this Magento search module:

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    Thank you for sharing!
    Here is another useful Advanced Search and Fast Autocomplete extension to enhance search tool on Magento site with the fastest speed

    - Customers can search by name, SKUs, description or meta data and so on
    - Search speed is very fast with detailed search results including image, description and price
    - Key words are highlighted in the results

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    To get more information and try demo to experience this awesome search tool, please visit:

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    Here is one more great extension - Search Pro with Auto-suggest

    it will help you to:

    Significantly increase relevance of search results
    Specify search priority for attributes
    Enable customers to easily find the necessary products
    Choose the search type – ‘like’, ‘fulltext’ or ‘combined’
    Highly-configurable autocomplete search

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    Hi! You can also check out the Instant Search and Suggestions module for Magento, the fastest search module for Magento.


    • Fast search achieved with a progressive algorithm
    • Results display immediately, while still typing
    • List product attributes you want to search in (NEW)
    • Suggestions are show directly in the search field in Google-style
    • Search results include keywords, products, categories and articles

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    Hello, flocks! You can also try out Google Custom Search Integration. This a powerful extension that helps to enhance the search functionality of your Magento 2 store. Just type the product name or key word in the search bar as shown in the image below you will get the result instantly.

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    It also helps for search engine optimization. This module supports multi-store environments and also helps to improve your google search result with images.

    Check out more info here: Google Custom Search Integration - Magento 2 Extension

    Key Features:
    • Use Google Search Algorithms.
    • Helps to increase SEO for your site.
    • Works in Multi-store environments.
    • Improve your google search result with images.
    • Setup the Google Custom Search Engine to search through multiple websites of yours.
    • Easily enable/disable from admin.
    • Customize the No. of records per page.
    • Enable/disable Image Search.
    • All you need to fill up Search Engine Unique ID.
    • Easy replacement with your inbuilt search functionality.
    • Admin can enable/disable Autocomplete feature – which makes querying even faster.
    • Enable ‘Order By’ dropdown from admin.
    • Easy to configure.

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