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Magento Form Builder

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    Default Magento Form Builder


    Do you need your customers to fill out some web forms? However, Magento itself does not provide any tool for creating custom forms.
    That's where our Magento Custom Form satisfy your demand. The visual admin panel with drag & drop interface give full control over the content and appearance of a form.
    Form Builder extension for magento 2 has been released since 29/4/2016.

    * This magento form builder extension is compatible with Magento 2.0.4, 2.0.2, 2.0.0, 1.9.x, 1.8.x, 1.7.x!!!! * Please give us your review. If you love it !!!!
    Drag & Drop Custom Form
    Visual Content Creator
    Fully responsive and 100% AJAX based front-end design
    Multiple Input Types and file type
    Create Unlimited forms
    Customizable form appearance
    Automatic email notifications

    Drag & Drop Form Builder

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    With drag & drop features & intuitive interface, you can create desired form in minutes.
    All you need is to drag n drop chosen field to the position you want

    Visual Content Creator

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    Ves Form Builder is very visual content creator. Whatever you do, you will see result instantly.

    Fully responsive and 100% AJAX based front-end design

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    With our magento form builder module, you form have a fully responsive front-end design.
    It also looks perfectly on any kind of devices

    Multiple Input Types/ form field

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    Our magento create form tool provides you Multiple Input Types including:
    Text, Paragraph, Check box, Multiple Choice, Date, Drop down
    Time, Number, Website, Email, Price, Address, Rating, Google Map,
    Subscription, Dynamic Dropdown, File Upload, Section Break, etc.

    Customizable form appearance

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    Your form is also customizable: "Before Form" content block, "After Form" content block, "Submit" button text, Message after successful form submission

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    Thanks for sharing!
    I can also suggest you checking out this advanced SmartForm extension for Magento:

    The extension has the following features:

    - Advanced form editor. With WYSIWYG principle you drag elements of form to working area and in minutes the form is ready
    - Embedded email notification.
    - Forms’ submissions in admin area. When your users fill in and submit forms – you will see all these submissions organized in the list, can even edit them and delete, can export all or selected ones.

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    Thanks for the extensions!
    Some more useful modules can be recommended too: Custom Form for Magento 1

    Name:  magento-custom-form-frontend.png
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    The extension is irreplaceable in case you need to create a web form for managing contacts with your clients and visitors. It allows for designing unique forms with various input information, adding numerous forms on the same site page, making important for you form lines obligatory, running Captcha for spam avoidence, viewing all the edited information from the Admin Panel.

    Another good example of extensions for creating custom forms is Easy Content Blocks for Magento 1:

    Name:  create-a-block.png
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    With the use of the module, you can display blocks with essential data on any page of your webstore. It has an easy-to-use block and position control. You are able to track the number of users for each block and see, which works better. Besides, all-type content can be used for the blocks.

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