Normally, some customers prefer navigation menu to find product in list; Meanwhile, others loves using magento 2 search extension to find out their desired product. Thus, if your customer search product fast, it raises your site higher conversion rate.

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On this blog, I will make about this special function of Auto search clearly. All of the advantages you want.

Firstly, only by supporting of Ajax search do you type from the first character. You can save you time and cost. Our magento extension is supported to you magical tool to search any thing you want and guessed exactly your mind. With this support, you don’t worry about this time spend on searching something. Althought it is new, the fast functionality can also catch up with your customers.
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To specify, I bet you like this feature: Search as you type from the first typed character. Normally, this process wastes your time. But this is different from other pages, you can save your time and cost effectively. No sooner does this process appear within the first seconds than you key the first key alphabets. The support will approach exactly what you want.

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Moreover, with this magento 2 search extension you can feel free in case of forgetting exactly your word or still have hesitation about your field. So this extension will suggest all of relevant suggestions. You can feel free to catch and definitely clear your intend. Thus, you can reignforce your circle of relation with your customers.

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With Filter Categories, filter Categories, filter categories ( in amazone), you can avoid the wrong information which is waste of your time. In our magento 2 search autocomplete extension, you are able to set up filter category (as in Amazon) that allow customers to search based on category.
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Before, Optimize search for phones and tablets: the search tools can be optimized on the phone and tablets. Then , it is proven that our extension is multi-tasking and easy to optimize.

In conclusion, please refresh your page with our new extension immediately. If you have any question or wonder about these our Extension Magento 2, please view more at the following lists of links. Hurry up please! Put Auto search extension in your cart immediately and set up right now. Don’t miss this value chance to link: to set up the effectively support.


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