Magento default provides a search function that is difficult to satisfy customers when shopping in Magento stores because it does not give the best result but some things related to keywords they type in the search box.

For example:

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We can see that with this result suggestion, customers cannot know much about products thay are desiring to purchase. Therefore, they have to carry out more steps to learn more about products.

So, How can we do to oversome this drawback?

One of the most effective solution come up with by Magento extension providers is using an extension to enhance search function on Magento sites
Take Magento Advanced Search and Fast Autocomplete as a typical example:

Magento Advanced Search and Fast Autocomplete is proud to be the fastest search tool ever compared to all other ones in the world when search result are displayed immediately in the shortest time.

  • Customers can search by SKUs, names, short description, etc

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  • Rocket speed of search
  • Suggest keywords automatically and highlight them in the search result
  • Display the most matched products first

It can be said that Magento Advanced Search and Fast Autocomplete extension will be the best choice for all store owners to enhance shopping experience for customers. It not only helps customers to get more information about products but also increases chances to boost up sales.

Let's experience Magento Advanced Search and Fast Autocomplete right now!

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