As an ecommerce merchant, you want to control every aspect of your Magento store. You set up how your website looks so that it will attract the customers, with pictures that will best represent your products. You set up all the required operations of your Magento store but the most important step to configure is the shipping methods.

The question here is why is it so important? Because once your customer’s orders are shipped what happens after that is out of your control. That’s why the shipping method that you choose is the most important part of your entire process of taking orders and shipping them. If you choose a wrong method of shipping, you and your customers will face many problems.

So, if you want your precious customers to be happy you have to pick a good shipping method. The Magento 2 gives four default shipping methods, and this tutorial shows you to configure them. First of all, you need to know four methods that are listed below:

1. Free Shipping
2. Flat Rate
3. Table Rates
4. Dimensional Weight

These are those four default ways for shipping your products in Magento 2. Further on, I’ll show you how to do each method!

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