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Best extensions for Magento

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    Default Best extensions for Magento

    If you are looking for a magento extension for managing your location to conveniently and easily, the extension is an magento store locator extension is good for you to manage all the locations on your map.
    Name:  banner-ads-manager.jpg
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    magento ajax add to cart is a great help to your website easily add products and is very convenient for customers to win
    magento banner extension is an extension manager that can help you manage a lot of banner ads on your website a simple and easy installation without a lot of hard khan.Extenion install and rated very good for this product is the product of a very good extension for your website

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    Nice list you have shared here for Magento2 Extension. Some more helpful magento2 extensions are..

    Attachment 4392

    Australia Post Shipping offers a smooth prospect for merchants to help customers with an enhanced buying experience.

    A feature rich extension helps add value to an online store and make shipping process smooth.
    Australia Post Shipping extension offers shippers the ability to enjoy appropriate, high quality and reasonable shipping solution.
    Let’s discover what it offers.

    Attachment 4393

    Allow your Customers know the current status of their orders and provide them shipment tracking link with order number and email address by Magento 2 Track Order

    Attachment 4394

    Create and display a custom “Maintenance Mode” page easily with our Easy Site Maintenance Extension.

    Attachment 4395

    Give your online store customers another shipping option by installing Magento 2 StarTrack Shipping Extension. This extension will automatically fetch shipping services and corresponding charges from StarTrack as per the products' dimensions and attract more Australian customers to buy products from your store.

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    Check out this Magento 2 One Step Checkout to get fasster checkout for customers.

    - Combine two sections Shipping address and Payment & Reviews into one page only with all information displayed

    - Use Geo IP to detect customer location and pre-fill their countries and cities

    - Autocomplete customer addresses with Google API when they just type some letters

    - Auto-update related information when there are any changes: update shipping methods and billing address when changing shipping address or update order summary when changing shipping methods

    - Allow customers to select their most suitable delivery dates and time and also leave their own comment for delivery or orders

    - Be compatible with multiple popular payment methods

    - Add more fields into the checkout page: discount code box, gift message option and newsletter subscription

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    Brush Your Ideas’ Web-to-print extension is a HTML5 based fully responsive product design software solution (available for both Magento and Magento 2) full of powerful features to transform any Magento store into a creative studio where products can be designed and sent instantly for printing. Brush Your Ideas works with a range of products. You can use it to customize t-shirts, shirts, trousers, shorts, cards, stationery, mugs, coasters, laptop and mobile skins, signs, posters, banners, etc. Brush Your Ideas will be a great addition to your online store if you sell any of these products or any product that has a printable blank surface on it and you take customization requests from your customers. It will also be a great investment for you if you have an offline printing business and you want to expand your market reach by selling custom printed products online as well.

    Name:  brush_your_ideas_store-logo-250x250_m1.png
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    Brush Your Ideas combines the power of Magento with a state-of-the-art product online product design tool to offer you a complete web-to-print solution. This tool allows one to add text, images & clip arts and edit them using various decorative effects. You can use clip arts from the built-it library of 10,000 plus items or add your own. It also provides multiple design areas and sides depending on the nature of the product. It also provides multiple file output methods depending on the nature of printing.

    Primary Design Features

    Text Features
    Your customers can use amazing text features to create their own slogans and one-liners. Admin can allow functionalities like curved Text, Text Shadows, Multiple Colour for Texts, Text Outline and other effects to create designer text styles.
    Free Clipart Library of 10,000+ Items
    You can provide your customers the full library of clip arts that we provide, or make further additions in the library on your own. They just need to click on the clipart they want to add to get it on their product. They can also use various in-built shapes and decorate clip arts and shapes with masking effects.
    Custom Image Upload
    If text and clipart can’t get the work done, your customers can also upload images to give a personal touch to their designs. Customers can not only upload image but also give them special effects like masking effect to get the desired creative output.
    Enable Google Fonts/Upload Fonts
    Enable google fonts in your design tool which will let customers choose texts from all google supported fonts. Admin can also upload any .ttf format font which can be used by customers to add text to their designs.
    Manage Design Side
    You can let customers customize all sides of the product or restrict them to only one side depending on your printing capability and cost considerations. You can determine this from backend settings.
    Multiple Design Areas
    You can add multiple design areas to a single product side. So, customer can combine multiple design areas to create rich and creative graphics. Allow your customers to have better control over their designs.
    A range of masking effects can be added to the design studio which will help customers to mask their images and clip arts to give them enthralling look. Customer will also get effects like grayscale, sepia, sepia 2 & Invert for creating a range of effects.
    Brush Tool
    With Brush Your Ideas get an exciting Brush Tool, which will provide freehand drawing options to your customers. This is particularly useful for customers who are artistic and want to create their own illustrations.
    Provide multiple design options to your customers to choose from with the template module. As admin, you can add multiple pre-defined templates in the design tool and let customers choose one from the list of available templates.

    Add on Features

    Name & Numbers
    You can let customers print their favourite name & numbers in tandem on the product.
    Full Screen View
    Display the design studio in full screen mode by removing all Magento’s store components and get a distraction free interface to design products.
    SVG Support
    Brush Your Ideas provides SVG support allowing your customers to manipulate all the colours of SVG Image.
    Print Colour Management
    If your printer supports only specific colours, with colour management tool you can restrict your customers to use only colours that you provide.
    Quotes Management
    Using this feature, you can add popular quotes under multiple categories to let the customers easily find and use quotes in their design.
    Printing Method Module
    Brush Your Ideas provides support for multiple printing methods like Silkscreen and Hot Print.
    Design Preview
    Let your customers see their creative output by giving them a full screen preview of the products they design.
    Social Media Sharing
    Provide your customers the option to share their creativity to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.
    Canvas to SVG - High Resolution Output PDF
    You will be able to print design output in high resolution PDF files which will be converted from SVG files.
    PX to CM Converter
    With px to cm converter support customers can convert the area of product they are designing pixels to specific centimetres.
    Image Download

    Let your customers download the image of their custom designed t-shirts, shirts and trousers when they are finished creating their masterpiece.

    For more details on this product please visit:

    Purchase our Product designer tool for Magento1 and Magento2 from Magento Marketplace

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    Thank you for sharing!

    There are more useful extensions that extend the Magento functionality and drive increased engagement and conversions:

    1. Homepage Tabs Slider adds a tabular interface anywhere on your Magento site. Create content tabs with texts, add images and links or insert widgets in the tabs. The module is developed to provide your customers with your best products and save a lot of space for other information.
    You can find more information here –

    2. Homepage CMS Slider allows to insert additional product slider into Homepage, CMS pages or static blocks. Sliders are inserted as widgets, you can add as many sliders as you wish. Sliders can contain different types of products – bestsellers, most rated or reviewed, most often added to wishlists. Products on sale can be added to the sliders as well as products from a selected category or several categories.
    You can find more detailed information here –

    3. Homepage Content Slider helps to add sliders anywhere on your Magento including Homepage. Slider will have the main area with any content you create as well as small preview tabs where you can insert images and text as well.
    More information –

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    Magento Delivery Date Scheduler

    In the current scenario of E-Commerce, all store owners don’t provide the estimated delivery dates. Additionally a survey suggests that 50% of customers have abandoned a purchase because of inconvenient delivery options. The conclusion is understandable that– customers are not content with typical delivery and insist for flexible delivery options that accommodate their time. If they don’t get the options, they leave your store.

    In the modern world Better the service, Better the Customer Satisfaction.

    Name:  delivery-date-scheduler.png
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Size:  16.2 KB

    Core Features

    Front End Featues
    Let Customers Select When They Want Delivery Of Product on Check Out Page

    -This extension offers customers the option to select desired date and time of delivery.
    -In addition to getting the opportunity to select delivery date and time they would also be able to leave their comments while checking out.
    -They will not be able to select the past date and time as it will be disable thus avoiding any error while selecting date and time.

    Let Customers View Shipping Date Time & Comments

    - This module will show shipping day, date and time in a calendar to the customers. This will help them change or reschedule their delivery day, date or time in case they are preoccupied in specific date and time slot.
    - Apart from this customers would also receive the shipping date, day, time and related comments made by them for specific purchase through confirmation email.
    - They can also select different dates and shipping addresses to order multiple products through calendar view.
    - This will make them doubly sure about the delivery information, avoiding any confusion!

    Back End Featues
    Define Delivery Date & Time and Stage Where You Want To Display To Your Customers

    - Define the delivery dates you want to select while placing orders from backend. You are free to select any date.
    - Select the delivery date format - either "Timeslot View" or "Calendar View" in single checkout page from backend.
    - Set for multiple addresses in the checkout page and make delivery date mandatory.
    - In addition, you can also define the place when you want to display shipping, arrival date and time to your customers

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    You can check out latest Magento 2 supported extensions on Magento marketplace here: Magento Marketplace
    It will be helpful to you.

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    Best extension for Magento 2:
    1. Magento 2 Mega menu: It changes the way main menu displays. It allows you to have multiple option to show what you want on the main navigation.
    2. Ajax Cart: It lets you customers add products to shopping cart quickly without page reload. It simplifies checkout process and boost customers to purchase more!
    3. Magento 2 Banner Slide: This slider for Magento is jQuery banner Slider you can create Unlimited beautiful responsive banner Slide.

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    Auto Invoice extension for Magento 2 is known as a great extension with useful features:
    Name:  Auto_invoice_M2_general_config.png
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    - Create invoice/shipment automatically
    - Send invoice/shipment emails to customers immediately
    - Apply automatic invoice for any offline payment methods

    Try Magento 2 Auto Invoice extension now!

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    Hi ,

    Thanks for sharing the info ! You can also check Modulebazaar Marketplace extension

    Magento Marketplace Extension

    Multi Vendor Marketplace

    Magento Marketplace Extension

    Features : Magento 1 marketplace

    Convert your existing Magento site into Multiple Seller Marketplace
    Allow multiple sellers to register and sell their products
    Allows Seller to manage products, invoice and shipment in responsive seller dashboard
    Allows admin to set commissions for each Sellers, Products, Category, Customer Group and Product Type
    Allows Seller to manage simple and configurable product types
    The sellers can upload the products along with multiple images via the CSV file upload
    Eases the seller's task of uploading large inventory via CSV upload
    Allows customers to give review only if they have purchased product from that seller
    Admin can review and allow the review to be displayed

    Features Magento 2 Marketplace :

    The marketplace extension supports all payment methods that created for Magento2.
    These products type are supported: Simple, Configurable, Virtual. Another product types will be supported soon.
    Create seller groups which allows you to easily manage a large number of sellers and create tiered fee schedules
    Marketplace owners can manage all vendors from a single magento backend.
    Marketplace owners can easily create custom seller attributes to display in registration forms or profile form.
    Marketplace owners can design the form registration from backend. He can create/sort/delete field sets and add/sort/remove seller attributes from field sets
    Same as registration form, Owner can do the same thing with the profile form under My Account section of seller panel.
    Marketplace owners can manage credit transactions from all sellers using the Transaction manager.
    After customer pay for the order, The funds are held by the escrow service in x day. The held funds can not be used to withdraw or buy products from website.
    Marketplace owners will get withdrawal requests from sellers, transfer money to seller manually then mark the request as paid.
    All sellers are given their own credit account where they will receive payments from each order. Seller can use his credit to buy products from other seller.
    Seller is also a customer. One time logging in for both seller panel and customer dashboard.
    Sellers get a personalized dashboard giving them a detailed overview of there store front.
    Now seller can manage your storefront from any device and anywhere.
    Seller can easily manage, update & view their own products and inventory.
    Sellers can manage their business with orders, invoices and credit memos

    Magento Advanced Marketplace Extension-Features:

    Convert your existing Magento site into Multiple Seller Marketplace
    Allow multiple sellers to register and sell their products
    Allows More than one seller per product
    Allows Seller to manage products, invoice and shipment in responsive seller dashboard
    Allows admin to set commissions for each Sellers, Products, Category, Customer Group and Product Type
    Allows Seller to manage simple and configurable product types
    The sellers can upload the products along with multiple images via the CSV file upload
    Eases the seller's task of uploading large inventory via CSV upload
    Allows customers to give review only if they have purchased product from that seller
    Admin can review and allow the review to be displayed

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    15 Best Magento Extensions You Must Have in 2017

    Name:  Best-Magento-Extensions-You-Must-Have-in-2017.png
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Size:  45.4 KB

    If you own an independent ecommerce store, you might be aware of the word “Ecommerce Extensions”. The word extension itself suggests that it can “extend” or add extra functions to your ecommerce store. Right from managing inventory and tracking sales to creating invoices, these extensions can prove to be a real boon to boost your online business.

    While searching for these ecommerce plugins, you are sure to come across a number of them on the web. However, finding the right extension for your store can prove to be overwhelming. To help you overcome this confusion, we have come up with a brief list of 15 most valuable Magento extensions which can help you enhance the functionality of your ecommerce store. Using these, you can take care of most of the tasks pertaining to your online store and help your business stand out from the competitors.

    1. Advance Product Designer

    Whether you are selling t-shirts, mugs, mobile covers or pillows; there’s no scope of boosting your sales if you do not provide with product customization. As the consumer demands are evolving with each passing day, it is important to provide with products that are appealing and created based on the choice of your customer. If you want to unleash the creative streak of your customers, try integrating Advance Product Designer to your Magento Store. It is a Magento based product designer tool that can help your customers to add text, graphics and cliparts to their favourite product and design as per their preferences. They can also have a preview of the products and order for them once they are print-ready.

    2. MageMob Cart

    MageMob Cart is a Magento mobile application extension which has been specifically designed for eCommerce stores to build a customized mobile app for their Magento Store swiftly and effortlessly. As you can create native apps using MageMob Cart, you can offer user-friendly experience to your customers on both iOS and Android platforms and they can access your store from anywhere. You can also provide many other useful features like Product Search, Product Reviews and Notifications for customers and admin etc. You can choose to check out other features of this extension.

    3. Language Translator

    This is a great extension for the ecommerce store owners who prefer multi-lingual stores. By using Magento product language translator extension, you can easily translate your store content into any other language which is suitable for your audiences. As you can translate and edit any part of your store, it becomes easier for you to reach a wider range of customer base. Language translator helps you to translate product details, CMS page details, store reviews and more. No more language blues!

    4. Australia Post Shipping

    If you have an ecommerce store based in Australia, Magento australia post shipping extension is sure to take your shipping woes away! Australia Post offers with manifold options to manage your store’s shipping without visiting the Australia Post Shipping website. Once you integrate Australia Post Shipping Extension to your store, there won’t be any need for you to waste your time and efforts going to the official website and setting up delivery for different shipments. You can generate shipping rates, add multiple shipping options, get a label printing option and do much more!

    5. Fedex Smart Shipping

    Fedex Smart Shipping enables store admins to take care of different aspects of FedEx freight shipping right from their own dashboard. Using this Magento Fedex shipping extension, you can perform several functions like manage shipment tracking, get live shipping rates, validate addresses, offer multiple delivery options and arrange for consignment pick up. You just need to install the plugin, configure the settings and you will be done. Integrating FedEx shipping with your store was never so easy!

    6. MageMob Admin

    Magemob Admin extension is a boon for ecommerce store owners who are always on the move! It helps them to manage important aspects of their Magento store backend from their mobile. By using this Magento mobile assistant extension, they can take care of product orders, stocks, new order notifications, order details and much more even when they are not around their workplace. MageMob admin is available in both extension and mobile app forms. (for iOS and Android) Once you start using Magento store manager mobile application, you will no longer miss out on product order, run out of stock and always make product deliveries on time! Isn’t that fantastic?

    7. SEO Hub

    Handling Search Engine Optimization for an wide-ranging ecommerce store can prove to be quite daunting. SEO Hub is an one of the best seo extension for Magento as it enables you to manage meta tags, data feeds, canonical URLs and much more. Apart from the features that are provided by a conventional extensions, it also offers some value added features like setting the amount of products on which the template can be applied, provision to set limits for metadata, notifications when execution goes wrong etc. Using this extension, you can ensure that your ecommerce store ranks high on some of the best search engines. What more could you ask for?!

    8. Delivery Date Scheduler

    Online buyers of today hate the word “anticipation”. If you do not want to disappoint your customers and make delivery of products on the dates decided by them, Delivery Date Scheduler is your way to go! Once you install this Magento order delivery date extension, you will be able to provide your customers with the convenient delivery dates on your ecommerce store and they will be able to decide their preferable time of delivery. You can also add a calendar view and format for the date and time of arrival to be displayed to your customers. This extension takes care of your delivery deadlines like an expert.

    9. Australia Post eParcel

    This again, is a useful extension for ecommerce store owners who are looking for eparcel shipping solutions in Australia. You can handle Australia Post eParcel Shipping right from your Magento store without visiting Australia Post eParcel Portal. It of course, keeps you away from the task of manual data importing and you also do not have to spend on label printing as you can do it right from your store. Fetching live rates from the official website, managing consignment labels and tracking shipments has never been easier! Make sure you check how it works.

    10. Shop By Brand

    A perfect app for the ecommerce store owners having brand conscious customers, Shop by Brand magento extension helps you to make brand shopping easy. It enables the store owners to add brand feature to products and show products clearly with their brand name and specifications. You can now filter the products brandwise, add brands menu, dedicate a separate page for each brand, create brand sliders and do much more. This product can be obtained at the most cost-effective rates.

    11. MageMob Inventory

    Are you looking for Magento inventory management software that can help you manage stocks competently? MageMob Inventory might come to your rescue. Using it, you can take care of the stock details while you are on the move. It has modules like inventory logs, purchase order creation, supplier management etc. You simply cannot find a better all-inclusive Inventory Management Solution. It is also available in Android and iOS based mobile app. Keep your inventory management issues at bay using MageMob Inventory.

    12. Quotation Manager

    If you do not like yourself and your customers through the prolonged process of asking for quotes through email and you proposing the quote back and forth, Magento quotation manager extension is the perfect extension to serve your needs. Once you integrate it with your store, customers can ask for a quote and you can propose it from the store itself. One of the most major benefits of this extension is that it can help you to keep your prices discreet without displaying it in public. Also, you can receive email notification on every step of the quotation process.

    13. Advance Search With Solr

    It can prove to be exhausting and time consuming for the customers to search products on an ecommerce store having thousands of products. Through Advance Search with Solr extension, you can provide your customers with swift and refined results. This means they can find exactly what they are looking for in no time! If you yearn to provide faster and advanced level Magento search extension, you must choose to integrate this beauty. This extension integrates Solr search with your Magento store, giving you enterprise level search functionalities.

    14. MageMob POS

    Looking forward to make hassle free sales in your next trade show/exhibition? No need to worry about placing orders on behalf of your customers as you can use MageMob POS (Point of Sale) application for the same. The app has a user-friendly dashboard and helps you to access your store from anywhere and order using your iPad/Android tab while interacting with your client. It is a perfect Magento POS extension for all ecommerce businesses making offline sales.

    15. Gift Promotions on Cart Total

    You can now reward your loyal customer base through gifts and promotional items using this extension. When the cart total of your customers crosses a certain amount, you can display the promotional offers you want. You can also boost your store revenue inducing them to purchase more gift items. This Magento gift product extension is extremely easy to configure and install for the customers and admin.

    These are some of the best Magento Extensions that will help you make a splash with your online store in the year 2017. In case you haven’t decided which extension to buy, you can go through the entire list of our Magento extensions and go through all of them to find the one that can fulfill your current needs. You can also read different reviews and testimonials given by customers who have used our Magento extensions to make sure you choose the right product.

    When we develop our Magento extensions, we keep the demands of current ecommerce businesses in mind. Are you ready to make them a part of your ecommerce business?

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