If you are running a Magento online store, you may be tired of pending orders in the backend everyday when customers leave their shopping cart or give up checkout process. Thus, this always causes many troubles in managing complete orders effectively with full of pending ones.

A solution come up with to overcome this issue is using a Magento extension: Auto Cancel Orders. Although this module seems to be very simple, it brings a lot of convenience as well as benefits for store owners in the process of controlling orders from the backend.

Key features:

- Automatically change “Pending” status into “Cancel” with orders in the “Pending” time over the admin’s allowance
- Allow admin to set the wished time before canceling an order in the backend at ease
- Allow admin check the history of cancel orders which are applied Magento Auto Cancel Order extension
- Easily set the allowed time before moving status into Cancel

With the help of Auto Cancel Orders, administrators can save much time for order management and also take control of canceled order history for checking again

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