Shopping experience is always the most important concern that every store owner takes much time to improve. How to make quicker order process may be more concerned because customers is now very busy and they just want to buy as quickly as possible. Therefore, as a businessman, you can take into some following Magento extensions that can create a faster purchasing for customers:

Wholesale Fast Order: Customers do not need to visit each product page to add to cart one by one. They can buy all things through a fast order popup or a CMS page. On this popup or CMS page, customers can search products by name or SKUs, select custom options for configurable products, choose their desired quantities and add all to cart at one time. It is very convenient to use

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Add Multiple products to cart: Like Wholesale fast order, this module also allows customers to add a lot of items to cart at once in the product list pages such as category page or search result page. There are check boxes to select wnted products to add to cart with quantity boxes to fill.

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