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Magento 2 Contact Form | Custom Form Builder

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    Default Magento 2 Contact Form | Custom Form Builder

    Magento 2 Contact Form | Custom Form Builder

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    If you are looking for magento 2 contact form, our visual magento 2 custom form builder is the best choice. We have updated magento form builder extension with new features based on customer’s demand. Hence, now Magento 2 Form Builder offers you tons of functionalities that help you easily create contact form in particular and other type of form in general.

    Magento 2 Contact Form New Core Features

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    In the era of mobile shopping, you must concern about the responsiveness of your form. Understanding that, we offer you one of the best tool to create responsive form. With our magento 2 contact form, you can create any type of form responsively on different devices with high resolution: PC, Laptop, Mobile, Tablets.

    Besides, thanks to the support of Bootstrap Grid System you can find it easy to create form layouts with a number of rows & columns. Moreover, the columns will be rearranged based on screen size.

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    The next amazing feature that this magento 2 contact form bring you is Intuitive Drag n Drop Interface. No programming knowledge is required. It is easy for you to create content rich contact form with drag n drop editor.

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    Forget about “Blind Design”, you can create rich content form and see result instantly. There is no need to click on preview button too.

    Multiple Field Type

    -Check box
    -Multiple Choice
    -Drop down
    -Star Rating
    -Google Map
    -Dynamic Dropdown
    -File Upload
    -Section Break, etc.

    More Features

    - Customizable form appearance
    - Fully Compatible with Magento 2
    - Message Manager
    - Create as many forms as you want
    - Before Form & After Form
    - Recaptcha Security, Spam Protection
    - Display your form in multiple types
    - Bootstrap Grid System Support
    - Allow send thank you email
    - Eautomatically email notification
    - SEO Optimization
    - Easy to save, manage and export form
    - Easy to duplicate forms
    - Widget Support

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    Thank you for sharing!

    This SmartFormer Gold Form Builder extension for Magento 2 allows to create different types of forms, store customer information in the DB, and customize email templates and validation rules. The convenient and easy-to-use SFG editor helps to build professional forms literally in minutes.

    Here’s a quick recap of a few of the highlights.

    - Convenient SFG Editor
    - Ability to export/import forms via file
    - Publish forms via a direct link, widgets, or XML layout
    - Ability to collect data in the database and manage it in backend
    - Conditional branching
    - Ability to export submitted results via CSV or PDF
    - Validation rules' manager
    - Ability to add new or edit email templates for each form
    - Ability to send separate emails to admin or customers or 3rd-parties
    - Avoid spamming using 3 types of Captcha
    - Ability to apply visual color selector and image selector per element
    - Various sets of snippets. Ability to build a form literally in minutes
    - Ability to manage submitted results by admin and customers
    - Plenty of editors for advanced use: build-in PHP Editor, HTML Editor, JavaScript Editor, CSS Editor
    - 18 Elements: Input Box, Password, Check Box, Radio Button, File Upload, Button Type, Button Type, Reset Button, Submit Button, Text Area, Select Box, List Box, Static Text, Link, DIV Element, Image, Drawing Canvas/Digital Signature, Captcha Image
    - Responsive forms for tablets and mobile devices

    Read more about how to create a custom form using the Form Builder in Magento 2.

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    Thanks for the extension!
    I can also promote the Magento 2 Custom Form extension:
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    The module allows for creating different kinds of forms, e.g.: 'interview', 'offer', 'coupon form', etc. to give you a possibility to learn more about your targeted customer and attract more potential buyers.
    Using the module you'll be able to generate multiple custom forms: Text/number input; Text Area; Hidden Text; Date; Date and Time; Date Range; File Attachment; Dropdown; List Box; Check Box; Radio Buttons; H1, H2 and H3 Headers.
    With the use of the extension, you can apply the custom forms to any CMS page you like.


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