One of the best ways that retailers use as the marketing strategy for their site is encouraging more customers. To do that, they install Magento extensions in their e-site. Magento Gift is the one that numerous online store owners choose among other modules.

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Our Magento Gift is a powerful tool to create unlimited gift cards for online selling. Customer can buy Gift cards to present friends or redeem them to purchase items on your site.

Following are its highlight features/:

  • Create physical/virtual Gift Card products with different prices and different values.
  • Let customers upload images to custom their own gift card designs for gifting.
  • Print/send gift cards to friends through post office or email.
  • Use gift card codes at checkout or redeem them for store credit to buy products.
  • Allow import or automatically generate gift codes in backend.

For more information, please our site:
or contact us at: [email protected]

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