Sales job is always busy so you can not answer all clients at the same time. You need a software to answer basic questions so you do not have to take too much time, don't you? Knowledge Base Extension is exactly what you need. Knowledge Base is a good solution which supports the customer requests easily on your site. Moreover, it allows customers to search quickly and accurately and helps your store to improve your customer service and save your time with benefits of decreasing customer support and making the customer satisfied.
Some of the awesome benefit of Magento Knowledge Base Extension:
- Manage Categories and Manage Articles: Allow admin managing many categories and articles. Multiple categories per article
- Search, rate and comment each article: Allow customers searching exactly what they are looking for. Additionally, allow customers rating and commenting articles they are interested
- SEO-friendly: Design optimized and friendly SEO as well as customize URL friendly
- Responsive Design: Design Knowledge Base page displaying on all devices, display Category Articles, Top Rating, Latest Articles and Tags block
This module works as expected, saved lots of your time doing this yourself and it solved your problem. Let buy it at:

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