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Deliver Products At Your Customer's Convenience - Know How

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    Default Deliver Products At Your Customer's Convenience - Know How

    There are countless entrepreneurs, whose only aim is to have a business which allows them to live with a difference! eCommerce market tends to be amazingly booming to such aims. If you want to turn your online store into a huge business, then the only thing that one must think of is, start putting in the time and effort to uplift your online store.

    eCommerce Stores With Certain Online Practices

    eCommerce store owners specifically, big scale business owners find it tough to handle online orders from the back end. And that is why order delivery date tools have been introduced in the market to help streamline product orders management processes and save a lot of time and money of customers as well as store owners. Generally, such extension is found in Magento, developed with best programming practices and latest coding standards.

    Online tools make it convenient to handle delivery dates both for admin and customers. To boost sales conversion rates, it becomes necessary to manage delivery dates of orders so that, your customers feel relaxed and good about your online service. Delivery time slots, of course a great pick when it comes to offering flexible or seasonal shipping.

    However, with order deliveries, many things are attached to help buyers and keep them happy. Using such extensions, online store owners can make a remarkable shopping experience and checkout process! This plays an important role. Defining delivery times can make your buyers amazed and contended. To provide your buyers particular delivery certainty, can make them satisfied too.

    Smart Gains From On-time Order Deliveries

    With the help of Delivery Scheduler, your visitors can specify delivery time and days when they would like to receive the orders. Store owners can exclude particular days of delivery, time intervals with date! Moreover, delivery intervals can easily be set with minimal and maximal intervals, this can be shown to buyers.

    Merchants can allow their customers to choose delivery time easily by sophisticated delivery dates. They can provide flexible delivery time options, effective management of number of orders per slot, delay time to deliveries and more. Thus, multiple delivery options are the most optimal for all customers these days. Customer services can be improved with convenient options.

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    Great post... The most important thing is customers to choose delivery date and time slot for order delivery as per convenient.

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    A Magento 2 version of Order Delivery Date extension has just been launched to bring the best shopping experience for customers:

    - Easily choose delivery dates and time slots in Shipping Method or Shipping Address Section when checking out
    - Leave their comments about their orders to notify store owners
    - Receive confirmation emails including delivery date

    For store owners, they can freely control kinds of time: processing time, cut off time or unavailable times for shipping and time slots to ship. Moreover, they can also manage delivery date information in tabs in the backend such as Orders, Shipment, Invoice and Credit Memos. Especially, delivery date information is also added to template emails as an variable

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