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Best choice if you want to increase sales

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    Default Best choice if you want to increase sales

    Magento Reward Points Extension is a great way to increase sales of your store. Customers will return to the store's regular customers when you have promotions or reward points program. They will find themselves is concerned, therefor increase your customer loyalty up.Magento Reward Points Extension is the best seller of Magento 2 Extension.
    Some of the highlight features of Magento Reward Points:
    - Provide multiple different ways for customers to get points: Customers can earn points for orders and with some certain actions (e.g. reviews, likes and share facebook, sign up for newsletter, invite friend, friend purchase etc)
    - Increase the loyal customer rate: About 99% of customers return to purchase with discount by points
    - Attract new customers: Attract much more new customers and stimulate them to subscribe to your site by giving points
    - Give points for customers and encourage them to make purchases at the same time: Customers can use the points to buy and then they will be got points if purchasing successfully that order.
    This product ensures your store will maintain a stable customer base, from which stable revenue. Let trial this module and feedback for us:

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    I'm agreed with you, Selenan. Promotions or rewards programs are key to attract the customers and increase the sales.

    I would like to suggest Brush Your Ideas extension for magento that will also attract the customers and bigger your revenue. Brush Your Ideas – An Online Product Design Tool that allows your customers to pour their ideas and customize products of their choice. The products can be T-shirts, Mugs, Covers of Mobile and Laptop, Business card, Greeting Cards,Posters, upholstery and the list is endless!

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    Another way to increase sales is to show your concern to your customers. Our extension Extended Product Reviews with Review Reminder plugin for Magento by MagestyApps will help you with this.
    - Built-in Review Reminder
    - Leave comments and replies to customers' reviews
    - Let your customers vote for the most helpful feedback
    - User-friendly design for reviews

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    How to Increase Online Sales By 600%

    There’s a way for you to increase your online sales by 600%. And don’t worry, you won’t have to do anything shady or participate in any shenanigans.

    When most people start selling stuff online, they often create extensive product and service lists. They think having a little something for everyone will help them get more sales.

    The problem is, people think “more is better,” but in the real world, long product lists are conversion killers. And if you want to increase your sales by 1,000%, you must streamline your offerings.

    To illustrate, let me share Sheena Iyengar’s famous field test.

    How to Increase Online Sales: Fewer Options, More Sales

    Sheena Iyengar, a professor at Columbia University, set up a free tasting booth in Draeger’s supermarket—an up scale grocery store, known for an extensive product selection—on two consecutive Saturdays.

    One Saturday, 24 flavors of jam were available, and on the other, 6 were available.

    Now take a guess. Which display sold more jam?

    Given the “more is better” mindset, you’d think the larger display sold more. But that’s not what happened.

    When 24 jams were available, 60% of the customers stopped for a taste test and 3% of those bought some. When 6 jams were available, 40% of the customers stopped for a taste test, but 30% bought some.

    Huge results. While the larger display attracted more people, the smaller display sold more jam. About 6 times more. A 600% increase in sales.
    Why Fewer Options Lead To An Increase In Sales

    Buying products and services is mentally taxing. In most cases, it’s not a “black and white” answer. You need to understand the available information, evaluate if it is the right fit, compare it to competitors, and then decide whether to buy or not to buy.

    When you have an exhaustive product list, your prospects will have to go through the above decision-making process for each item on the list.

    That’s a ton of work!

    And it also leads to what social psychologists call choice overload. To summarize, when people are confronted with several options, they often pick none of them and move on to something else.

    This was evident in Sheena’s experiment. When 24 flavors of jam were available, 97% of people chose none, whereas when there were 6 available, 30% bought at least 1.

    But the question remains…
    How Many Options Should You Give Your Customers (and What’s Best For Increasing Sales Online)?

    Fewer options means more sales in a supermarket. But how does this work online? Is there a “magic number” of options that give you maximum sales?

    While this varies between businesses, in my experience and research, the magic number falls between 1 and 6. Let me explain.

    Online Retailers (Customers Often Browse)

    If you’re an online retailer, you should aim between 4 and 6 options.

    People who shop retail tend to browse, so showing off more options allows you to capture their attention without giving them choice overload.

    For example, Amazon, who is known for their rigorous sales testing, shows up to a maximum of 6 books in their “customers who bought this also bought section.”

    Note, actual number depends on the width of your browser.

    While I don’t have specific sales results, it’s safe to assume this works. Customers who buy jam are similar to those who buy books. They browse before they purchase. And considering it’s Amazon, I’m sure they tested it.

    Software as a Service Providers (Customers Need Service)

    If you’re selling software as a service, as in, you require a monthly fee in exchange for using your software, the magic number seems to fall between 4 and 5.

    In general, when people need service, they don’t want more or less then they need. On one hand, you need to satisfy your light users, and on the other, you want to satisfy your heavy users. But in both cases, you don’t want either group to feel like they’re getting more than they need because they may cancel the service.

    For example, fire up, which is another company that is known for its testing. They offer between 4 and 5 plans for each software service. Is it a coincidence? Probably not. Even Netflix offers between 4 and 5 levels of service.

    Information Product Sellers (Customers Need Advice)

    If you’re an information product seller, you should focus on one product at a time. That’s how all the big info marketers do it.

    The reasoning is simple. People want to buy information from people who are experts. So, if you split up your focus, people may doubt your ability to teach them.

    What if you have information in different niches? For starters, many of the top info marketers use stage names in different niches. For example, Eben Pagan uses his name in info marketing, but David DeAngelo in his dating products.

    You may doubt the authenticity of this type of marketing. But the key takeaway is that you need to make sure you stand for the one thing you’re currently trying to sell. And if you’re offering various types of services, you should consider giving each of them a different home on the web.

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    Default Best choice if you want to increas

    Hi sir,



    SKU, Product Name, Description, URL*, Quantity, Stock Status, Model, Weight ...
    Base Image, Additional Images
    Base Price, Special Price
    Assign to Product Categories
    Attributes (Color, Size ...)
    Options (Size; Weight, Color ...)
    Extra Fields ( Checkboxes, Dropdownlist, Radiobuttons)
    Variants: can be grouped with related variants together to form a product
    Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords


    URL*, Name, Description, Base Image, Additional Images


    CustomerID, Username, First Name, Last Name, Email, DOB, Address ...
    Customer Password*
    Customer Groups: Preserve relationships with their groups


    OrderID, Order products, Product price, Quantity, Order date, Status, Discount price ...

    SEO URLs *

    Migrate Products and Categories SEO URLs
    Migrate 301 SEO URLs of categories and products


    Custom fields of Products, Categories, Customers and Orders


    Customers Name, Rating, Review, Status ...


    Tax rules, Tax rates, Product tax classes ...


    Name, Description





    (*) Additional Plugin



    Data is migrated with no downtime for your current nopCommerce store


    Migration progress can run on both Online or Offline development environment.


    Preserve Order IDs, Customer IDs on the Magento


    You can select data type (Products, Customers, Orders,...) you're looking for migration


    Unlimited re-migrations with NO extra cost


    You have just finished a full migration, after that nopCommerce is still live and continue getting new data, and you want to get your Magento updated with the new data, this feature to avoid starting over again.


    Allow deleting current data (products, customers, orders, etc.) from the Magento before migration


    In case the migration accidentally stops during migration due to server shutdown, network down or any other cause. The module provides Resume functionality to continue on the last point of previous migration, you won't have to start over again.


    Direct data transfer from nopCommerce to Magento, NO third party involved


    Allow creating product variants based on the available combinations of attribute values


    Ignore product inventory for out-of-stock products


    Free Installation

    - See more at:

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    Thank all for sharing!

    Why don't we use Advanced Coupon Extension to increase sales when you can send more coupon codes for customers on special occasions via emails?
    This module can give store owners more benefits because it expresses individually cares for each customers:

    By installing Advanced Coupon extension, you can:

    - Attract more customers with special coupon
    - Allows sending customers emails announcing about special coupons on 6 special occasions: New Registration, No Customer Activity, Order Placed, Customer Birthday, Newsletter Subscription and Wishlist Created
    - Set up customer groups getting coupons freely
    - Increase interaction with customers

    Therefore, store owners can rise possibility of using coupon codes to buy their products and also helps to increase sales effectively
    For more information, please go to:

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    Magento 2 is really worthy to be used because of new nice features.
    If you are running other site and wanna go to Magento 2 platform, you can use Magento data migration service by Litextension. It helps you keep all data safe after moving, even SEO URL and customer password.


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