With Magento 2 Social Login, customers need not to fill a complicated registration forms with a lot of required fields. So, by installing this useful magento 2 extension, you can immediately increase the number of clients.

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With the blooming development of social networks, more and more people have social network accounts. Facilitating the log in process by applying Magento 2 Social Login for your stores will increase login rate, then boost your sales. Magento 2 Social Login allows your clients to login to your site quickly. They can use their accounts of the popular networks such as Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, LinkedIn. That is the greatest way for customers to log into your site.


With Magento 2 Social Login, you can speed up the procurement process and make the customers feel more comforable. That helps you increase the conversion rate and the sales performance of your website


Able to choose from more than 10 types of social accounts to log in. Also, this extension supports default register, login pages and forgot password pages

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Admin can configure the position of Social Login button in front end

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Product details: Magento 2 Social Login | DEMO

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