Magento 2 Web forms helps you create unlimited forms to manage as well as observe the visitors’ response everyday.

This magento 2 form builder is a powerful tool with more functionality than default. This default form can not help customers resolve their problems immediately because it wastes much time to contact by emails between two sides. By using this magento 2 extension, you and your customers can exchange information easily. Through Magento 2 Form extension, admins can know exactly how their websites work.

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Features & Benefits

By using Magento 2 Easy Create Form, you can create unlimited contact form to manage the visitors’ response everyday.

Add Contact Form to Page

Choose a page which you want to add contact form to, click insert widget in the content field. Select “Easy create form” for type of widget, then set form for this page.

Manage Form

Admin can creat a new form or edit existing form. To create a new form, click on the Add New Form button. To edit existing form, click on its row in the table.


Fill in all information about this form.


Set captcha, redirect URL, allow/ don’t allow to send email results in setting field.

Form builder

You can add unlimited fieldsets and fields in one form. Select type, status, class, validator for fields to get information which you want.

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With all these features, your own business will be improved greatly!

Product details: Magento 2 Webforms | DEMO

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