If your Magento store has configurable products with a lot of custom options and you do not want to display them in the drop-down list as Magento default, Configurable product tab table view will be the ideal choice for you for better display.

Unlike other kinds of display for children products of configurable products, this extension shows custom options of an attribute in a tab and custom options of another attribute in the table. Customers will choose a custom option in the attribute first and then select another custom option in the table to make a complete children product.

Key features:

  • Customers add many items to cart at one time
  • Display stock number, out of stock status, prices, unit prices, subtotal
  • Calculate total quantity of products based on each chosen custom option in the attribute tab.
  • Display normal tier prices in the table or advanced tier prices in another separated table for children products
  • Support color swatch funtion

With the help of Configurable product tab table view extension, your children products are displayed in a professional way and easier to choose their wanted items. Moreover, this extension is especially good for configurable products including many custom options because it can reduce the number of children products shown in the table as other kinds of display do (Configurable product grid table view or matrix view)

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