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4 Best Magento extensions you have to try now!

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    Smile 4 Best Magento extensions you have to try now!

    Almost online store owners want to get more customers, but not everyone knows the ways. In this post, I would like to recommend all of your 4 best tools that can help your eCommerce better in reducing shopping cart and increase success conversion rate. These extensions are developed by

    - One step checkout:

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    - Social Login:

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    - Gift Card extension:

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    - Reward points extension:

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    For furthur details, please go to

    Or contact us at [email protected]
    We are happy to support all of you anytime!

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    Thank you for your sharing!
    I think that improving site performance is also very important because it is one of the decisive factor to customer experience. If your site load faster, customers will keep staying in your site longer and of course the possibility of purchasing products increases. Therefore we should consider about extensions to increase site speed such as:
    - Defer JavaScript: to defer JavaScript loading till the last moment after loading HTML and CSS
    - Full Page Cache: speed up web loading and improve customer satisfaction
    - Lazy Image Loader: allow loading image only when customer scroll down the page

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    Thanks for sharing! Here are some suggestions from me:
    Magento Full Page Cache increases pages load speed which is good for user experience and SEO.
    Magento Color Swatches Pro greatly improves presentation of configurable products.
    Magento Special Promotions Pro helps to create advanced cart price rules and launch promo campaigns to increase sales.
    Magento Free Gift adds a free product with particular purchase which increases customers' loyalty.
    Magento Custom Stock Status adds speaking labels to products: you can show how many items are in stock; highlight fast shipping options, etc.

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