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Search by Brand Magento extension

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    Many people are addicted to certain brands. They are not interested in low prices or promotions, they just look for products of particular brands. Store owners have to give them functionality to shop the way they like, otherwise you'll lose this whole customer segment. Empower your store functionality with Magento shop by brands.

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    Today a brand is the face of a company. Customers can easily recognize famous manufacturers by their brand logos. Shop by brand can represent the necessary information about a brand: logo, description, products, related products by brand. With the help of shop by brands Magento 2 extension each online shop can highlight their most popular brands and share all information about them. Shop by brand feature is widely adopted by many e-commerce solutions. It is possible to limit the number of featured options (brands, models, etc.) and show them in random order.

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    This extension allows you to create new brands and connect products to those brands. Search by brands Magento 2 extension generates a landing page with all created brands. Users can easily search and browse products with the help of intuitive design, clicking on any brand link takes you to that specific brand landing page.

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    Shop by brands Magento 2 allows administrator to create a brand listing page. This extension enables you to use this feature also for any other attribute and create list of all models, all available colors, all authors, etc. Such lists are a good addition to the product catalog, as many customers prefer to shop by manufacturer, model, color, etc. See brands collection created with the help of Magento shop by brand on demo page.

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    Very useful product!

    Also, you can try one more Shop By Brand Magento 2 Extension. It is the best tool for customers who would like to purchase products from their favorite brands only.

    The extension creates a custom brand page that displays a list of brands. By clicking on any brand will display a list of products under that brand. The customer can also search for a particular brand by brand name.

    It makes the purchasing process quite easy. Store owners can even suggest additional products under the same brand.

    Thus it's a wonderful tool for both customers as well as store owners.

    Highlighted Features-

    • Store owners can add unlimited products under each brand.
    • Use WYSIWYG editor for brand description on the brand edit page.
    • Easy to Upload Brand Image/Logo and Banner Image.
    • Provide facility to search brands by brand name and also provide filtration on the brand list page.
    • Display selected brands on the product view page.
    • This extension also provides select products at a time of brand creation or Update.
    • The store owner creates a widget for the featured brand slider.
    • This extension will enable the footer link and top link for the shop by brand.
    • Set a brand limit for the sidebar & home page.
    • Set shop by brand header text.

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