In the first part of this theme development series I explained the functioning of Magento folder structure work for themes. Now, this is the last part of the series and in this part, I am going to depict how to make the theme pages and give shape to the entire theme with styling.

Configure Image Properties in Your Theme

For configuration of catalog image sizes and other images, you need view.xml. This file is required for the theme if the product image sizes of your custom theme are different from the parent theme sizes. The view.xml file configures all storefront product image sizes. For example, you make the category grid view product images by specifying size of 350 x 350 pixels. Copy the view.xml file from the etc. directory of your parent theme to your theme’s etc directory and here is how the corresponding configuration would look like:

PHP Code:
    <image id="category_page_grid" type="small_image">
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