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Magento Ajax cart

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    Thumbs up Magento Ajax cart

    Magento ajax cart product that we provide to you will bring both admins and customers a great time and sale benefits. With this new Magento extension, your customers can add/remove as many products to cart as they want without hitting “Update” button and waiting for reloading.

    To reduce time consuming process on online buying-like Magento default add-to-cart offers to purchase things that clients are interested in as before, now they can keep shopping right on the category listing page without reloading page. All necessary product information are provided right on that page by Ajax Cart Extensions, therefore your customers just need to choose out their favourite products then click up or down in quantity popup for number of same product that they want to buy in place of texting there, it means that this buying process requires just one needed click to add/edit/remove easily and promptly on the right displaying page you are on

    All in all, the more time you save for your customers while shopping, the more profit you can get from! through support of this Ajax add to cart magento, customers can not only add product to cart in category listing page, but also choose more ones or checkout straightaway by pressing optional bottom in the popup. Thats the reason why nowadays more and more online store owners have used this extension to gain more pickings to their business so far.

    Check Magento Ajax cart here:

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    Generally, the customer does not have the patience to wait for page reloads simply end up with a cancelled purchase. The Ajax Cart Extension for Magento allows the customer to add and remove products without having to continuously click on the “Update” button. The shopping cart gets automatically refreshed with each addition or deletion of the product. The customer’s enjoys the continuous online shopping experience without any interruption thereby completing the shopping process. [Read Here]

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    Good extension.

    Magento Ajax Cart is a good extension in order to give customers the ability to add products to cart without page reloading.
    Check this Magento Ajax Add to Cart extension by FME having multiple features like:

    • Ajax Based “Add To Cart” & Checkout Process
    • Customize Ajax Loading Image & Text
    • Configurable Product Options
    • Multiple Animation Effects
    • Show Related Products On “Add To Cart” Popup

    Demo:  f1_6.png
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    Thanks for sharing!

    Thank you for sharing!
    I also want to share an Ajax Add to Cart extension for Magento 2 that can enhance the purchasing process for customers quickly

    - Customers can add products to cart anywhere with Add to Cart button such as category page, search result page and so on
    - For simple products, after clicking Add to cart button, there is a popup called Sucess popup including product information to confirm customers.

    Name:  Ajax_add_to_cart_M2_success_pop-up.png
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    - For products with custom options, after clicking Add to cart button, a Select option popup appears for customers to choose custom options of products and then a success popup comes out for confirmation

    Name:  ajax_add_to_cart_m2_quick_view_pop-up.png
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