Magento is one of the powerful ecommerce platforms, and it’s designed to be SEO friendly by default. Magento 2 launched in November 2015 and it has created a lot of buzz around its SEO features.

In Magento 2, we see many improved SEO options. This new Magento version has been totally revamped and geared up to improve the default SEO capabilities. In this article, I discuss SEO improvements in Magento 2.

Optimize Product Page

As we know, Magento 1x is already optimized with major features. Magento 2 has minor additions for product page optimization. Meta tags setting still remains the same in Magento 2, such as Title, Description, and keywords, URL key settings for store views, Categories path for Products URL’s and Meta tags for products. The latest improvement done to optimize the product pages is the introduction of “Product Fields Auto-Generation Template”. This new option can be used to define product Meta tags in association with the aid of available product attributes and predefined templates. This Feature is located in Stores > Configuration > Catalog > Catalog.

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