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Choosing a Magento theme, and what does that really mean?

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    Default Choosing a Magento theme, and what does that really mean?

    There are two approaches for theme creation while developing a magento site.

    1) Develop a theme from scratch :
    This require a Magento a UI/UX designer and Magento front end developer.
    This person develops the theme from scratch. Generally you have to provide her/him PSD files.
    From these files the do the HTML slicing and develop html design.This design is then integrated in to Magento using Magento
    theming concepts.

    2) Purchase a ready made theme.
    You can purchase a theme from the various providers.You have to select a theme which is compatible with your Magento version.(In your case Magento2x). This reduces the work of front end developer as a base functionality as well as look of the theme is already there. This can be customised based on the business requirement.

    Theme is a part of magento application which provide look and feel of your site.A theme uses a combination of templates, layouts, styles(css) and images.
    In simple words your home page banner, placement of search box, newsletter subscription box, header and footer design,landing pages design.How all these look , their alignment in webpage is part of theme.
    Some theme providers provide extra functionalities also which may be add on to the theme or part of it.
    Before selecting any theme go trough the demo of theme. Also try to use a responsive theme so that it will be compatible for mobile devices also.

    I suggest you to go through following demo.

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    Hey there! Here you get some more user-friendly, gorgeous and responsive Magento 2 Themes for your eCommerce store: Top 20 Magento 2.2 Themes for Your eCommerce store
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