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FREE Delete Orders: Allow easily deleting orders from your store with just one click

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    Default FREE Delete Orders: Allow easily deleting orders from your store with just one click

    By default Magento does not allow you to delete orders. Delete Orders Extension for Magento allows you to delete orders in a safe way without any danger of losing data.This software is extremely awesome to work, easy to install, and work perfectly. Developer is very helpful, friendly, courteous and considerate. Only a small hiccup in running, support was on the ball and helped instantly. Just go in Sales / Orders, check the one you want to delete and choose the action Delete Order. Perfect to use on a website which is just about to launch and you want to delete test orders.
    Some of the awesome features of Magento Delete Orders Extension:
    - Allow deleting the bulk of Orders, Invoices, Shipments and Credit Memos from the order list page
    - Allow deleting order with any status
    - Allow you to Enable/Disable Delete Orders Extension through backend
    - Does not override any Core classes or template file
    - Very easy to install and use
    This extension works fine. No problem with installation. It do what it promise. Good extension, and it's free. Visit us to know more about it:

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    Thank you for your sharing!
    I also highly recommend a very convenient Magento extension for you: Magento Delete Orders Extension by BSSCommerce

    If your store contains redundant orders, invoice, shipment or credit memos, this causes difficulties to manage your sales in the backend. As a result, Magento Delete Order Extension is developed to help you control unwanted orders, invoices, shipment or credit memos.

    Installing this Magento Delete extension, you can delete these things one by one or all whole at the same time.
    This Magento extension also allows doing the same things with invoices, shipment or credit memos.
    From backend, all you need to do is selecting orders you want to clear out and choosing “Delete Order” and submit, then all chosen ones are deleted from your admin.


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