Ecommerce websites have been facing to checkout abundant problem. Developers created Magento One Step Checkout extension to solve it. This post shows you how this extension can increase conversion rate for your website.
What is Conversion rate?
Conversion Rate (CR) is index of the potential customers to become real customers when they buy an item or service from your site. This CR Index is usually percent of buyers compared to the total number of visitors (visits) of the entire website or a certain ad channel. However, it’s not easy to get that result. Magento One Step Checkout Extension will help you to increase this faster and more easily.
How can Magento One Step Checkout helps to increase Conversion Rate for Your Site?
One Page Checkout only
If in the past, you have to spend much time to checkout via 6 steps at least, Magento One Step Checkout has only one page checkout. This helps you to save a lot of time, so your sites will attract to customers and then, they find comfortable and already to buy your products.

Multiple of responsive devices
In recent years, people are familiar to mobile devices. Thus, if checkout form is not working well in smart phones, tablets, desktop, etc, you will have to face to abundant matter from your customers, then resulting in reducing conversion rate. Magento One Step Checkout is born with powerful features and easy to respond in mobile devices, helping your website to increase conversion rate for your website.

Fully customizable fields
Almost online purchasing abundant are due to too long checkout process that takes customers a lot of time. Therefore, an important things store owners should do is to shorten checkout process for the customers to implement the checkout simply and easily.
With Magento One Step Checkout Extension, you can set optional or compulsory fields and easy to change the design of your site.
In conclusion, almost of users have been satisfied with this extension and why don’t you get your own experience now?

I hope this post is useful for all of you. Thanks for reading.
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