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How To Configure Magento With PHP 7

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    Default How To Configure Magento With PHP 7

    Magento is a powerful and popular PHP based Ecommerce solution. Magento was first released in March 2008 and its first version’s name was “Varien”. At that time, the latest version of PHP was 5.2. Nowadays we are happy users of Magento 1.9.x that supports PHP versions up to 5.5.x but Magento solution runs more smoothly on PHP version 5.6.

    There are many merchants who want to smoothen and improve their Magento store. As Magento developers, we need to search new ways for improvements of Magento stores as well as possibilities to make every version of Magento compatible with new solutions. Along with Magento upgrades, PHP versions also get updated periodically. Currently, version 7 is the latest PHP iteration. There are many reasons to switch to the latest version of PHP but the most inspiring of them is that PHP 7 is 2X faster.

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    Hi everyone,

    If you need help setting up Magento on PHP7, upgrading PHP on your server and optimising the rest of the server for maximum performance with Magento?
    Have a look at our website and drop us a email. We will be happy to provide consulting or give you an offer for doing the work fast and accurately.

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